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5 Items that can Make or Mar your New Apartment

An attractive apartment is not just dependent on how much you spend renovating it but much more on the choice of colour, design, quality etc. items you use.

Have you ever wondered why two apartments designed alike could appear so different on the interior? Two tenants, each occupying separate but similarly built apartments, could have their apartments appear so differently – one ugly, the other tush – depending on the following five (5) items used in the different apartments


Window Blind

When you walk into an apartment, one of the first things you’re likely to set your eyes on is the window blind (commonly but wrongly called ‘cotton’) used on the window. It’s like a dressing to the interior of your apartment, hence, you should give it serious consideration. Remember, the way you’re dressed is the same way you’d be addressed. Same applies to the way dress your living room.

window blind

You should make use of beautiful material to dress your window blind. Window blinds should be designed with colours that not only blend well with the wall paint but also create a sense of attractiveness.

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living roomrug

This is very important to the beauty of your apartment. Whether you choose to use a rug or just bare tiles, you should ensure it is attractive enough and adds to the beauty of your apartment. If you choose to use a rug, ensure you select one that doesn’t make stain or dirt obvious while ensuring its colour is attractive enough. If you prefer to use tiles, be ready to keep it clean regularly. I also recommend you make use of non-white coloured tiles.

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The type of bulb used in your apartment could add to or deduct from the beauty of your apartment. There are fancy light bulbs you can use in your living room. Beyond light bulbs, you should also select your choice decorative light design.

fancy wall light

In addition, you should ensure the wiring of your apartment is not visible. If it’s a rented apartment and the wiring appears on the outside, you should repaint the wall in such a way that makes the wiring unnoticeable.

Wall Paint

wall paint

The colour of paint used in your new apartment cannot be overemphasised when it comes to making your living room and apartment as a whole appear attractive. You should choose paint with not only attractive colours but also high durability. More so, you could make use of glossy paints for your living room to give it a shiny appearance.

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While the type of furniture you use depends on the quality you can afford, the dressing of such furniture matters more. Even if you can’t afford expensive furniture, you should choose the one with an attractive design. Whatever the type of textile material used to dress your furniture, you should choose a colour that hides dirt or stain yet with an attractive colour or design.

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Is there any more item you want to suggest? Feel free to share in the comment section below.



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