3 Reasons To Buy Rather Than Build a New House

As new generations come by, building a personal house will begin to lose relevance since most urban areas where most of us like to reside are already experiencing a shortage of land given the many real estate investors in existence. For instance, in Lagos, there are more completed buildings in the city waiting to be occupied by buyers than the number of available lands for sale to intending builders.

However, as most of us grew up with the traditional mentality that you have to build a house to feel like a man, it is likely you find yourself in the dilemma of whether to buy a new apartment or build one. Hence, this is giving you three cogent reasons why you should buy instead of building a house in Nigeria.

 Availability of Land

In a city like Lagos, the available plots of land are few and are more affordable to wealthy investors who purchase in large quantities to build multiple houses for sale. The reason is that buying in large quantity comes with some economies of scale as against buying a unit of land. Hence, those who are able to afford large quantities for investment purposes are given preference over the others. However, you can find affordable lands for sale in Lagos by talking to our customer care agents.

 Time Factor

Buying a house also saves you the lengthy time required to build a house. Since building a house requires a longer time to complete, urgent home seekers can save time by purchasing the available houses for sale. Hence, it is advisable to work towards buying than building a house.


Most of the attractive lands in Lagos are dominated by completed but vacant properties waiting to be purchased. Such lands are attractive because they are situated close to most of the companies and firms where people love to work. For instance, Lagos Island is a center of commercial activities where many Lagosians work and it is filled with vacant houses yet to be occupied by prospective buyers. So, if you would love to enjoy the locational benefit of living there (on the island) you would have to work towards buying instead of building a house.

In fact, as quicker ways of solving problems evolve daily, buying a house would surely override the traditional mentality of building houses.

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