Things To Know About Delta State

Delta State is one of the most developed states in Nigeria. The state’s capital Asaba is etched at the northern part of the state. Delta State is one of the states in the South-South part of Nigeria. It also an oil-rich and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. In terms of wealth, Delta state is the third richest state in Nigeria right after Rivers and Lagos state.

The state shares boundary with some other states in Nigeria. Delta state has a total population of 4, 098, 291 and is bordered to the east by Rivers State, Anambra State and Imo State. It is also flanked by Edo State to the north and south and Bayelsa State is on the southeast.

Deltans are known to be peace loving and hospitable people. Little wonder the state’s slogan is “The big heart of the nation”. Whatever reason it is that brings you to Delta State, you are bound to enjoy your stay. You can also find lands for sale in some of the cities and villages within.

There a good number of exciting things to know about Delta State. From the people, the food, the culture as well places to visit within Delta state. This article encompasses an overview of the state and other information that will come in handy.

Asaba, Nigeria



History of Delta State

Formerly known as Bendel State as far back August 1991. The Bendel State was created under the General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime owing to the agitation for separation from the people of the old Delta Province. “Bendel” was gotten from the integration fo the Delta and Benin Provinces. However,  Delta State is named after the delta region of the River Niger.

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The capital, Asaba was a town within Anioma. After the state was created, there were about twelve local government areas within Delta State which were later split into nineteen local government areas. However, currently, the state has about 25 local government areas.


Delta State Local Government

As mentioned earlier, Delta State has experienced a number of transition in terms of the name change as well as the creation of local government areas. However, presently, there are 25 local government areas comprising Delta State.

Below is a list of the 25 Local Government Areas in Delta State

  • Ethiope East
  • Ethiope West
  • Okpe
  • Sapele
  • Udu
  • Ughelli North
  • Ughelli South
  • Uvwie
  • Aniocha North
  • Aniochoa South
  • Ika North East
  • Ika South
  • Ndokwa East
  • Ndokwe West
  • Oshimili North
  • Oshmimili South
  • Ukwuani
  • Bomadi
  • Burutu
  • Isoko North
  • Isoko South
  • Patani
  • Warri North
  • Warri South
  • Warri West.


Asaba, Nigeria

Asaba, Nigeria

Asaba City popularly known as Asaba is the capital of Delta State. It is an urban area and is fast becoming a metropolitan city. Asaba is located on a hill and gives an overview of Onitsha and the Niger River. The city is ethnically diverse and houses over a million people. People of Asaba are known to be very friendly and welcoming.

Tribes that can be found in Asaba include Igbo, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Hausa, Isoko, Yoruba, Urhobo and others. The Asaba City offers an exciting nightlife, with the presence of cinemas, bars, hotels, amusement as well as other fun and entertaining places.

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There are a number of exquisite hotels in Asaba. What you settle for is dependent on your budget as the city also boasts of affordable hotels. Some notable hotels in Asaba include Prescott Hotel, Best Western Plus Elomaz Hotel, Harlescourt Suites, The Rodinia Hotel, Orchids Hotel, Nelrose Hotel, Neyo-Hotel, Crimson Suite Hotel.

If you happen to be visiting Asaba for the first time, there are some top areas that you should know of. Some popular areas in Asaba include Isieke, GRA Phase 1, Umuagu, Ezenei among others.

Asaba holds some attractive and breath-taking places for tourists and other visitors. Whether you can on a holiday, business or to pay a random visit, there are a vast number of tourist attractions to keep to thrilled. These include Nana’s Palace (the only living museum in Nigeria), Abraka Turf and Country Club, Kwale Game Reserve, Araya Bible Site, Otuogu Beach.

Villages in Delta State

There are a good number of villages as well as city names you will come across if you are in or around Delta. Knowing a few of these places is a good start. Here’s a list of some villages in Delta State.

  • Ogbe ijaw
  • Isiokoro
  • Ada
  • Bethel
  • Ukwuani
  • Igbuzo
  • Illah
  • Ofagbe
  • Ellu
  • Aladja
  • Ozor
  • Burutu
  • Otor-Udu
  • Orie
  • Ubulu Uku
  • Igbuku
  • Agbara-Otor
  • Obiaruku
  • Orhuwhorun
  • Emede
  • Onicha-Ugbo
  • Isoko-North
  • Orerokpe
  • Orhoakpor


Cities in Delta State

When travelling to a new place, there is no doubt you will be curious about what the place is like and what it’s like to live in that city. It is important to get familiar with a couple of places within the Delta State so you don’t seem like a complete novice. Just in case you are looking to buy a land or any other property in Delta State, it is necessary that you able to differentiate the cities from the villages.

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That being said, here’s a list of cities in  Delta State, Nigeria:

  • Aboh City
  • Agbor City
  • Asaba City
  • Issele Ukwu
  • Ughelli City
  • Sapele City
  • Warri City (the biggest commercial city in the state and the oil-base)
  • Abraka City

Languages in Delta State

It is no news that the official language in Nigeria is English Language. However, the country is filled with various tribes and ethnic groups which have their own local dialects. In Delta State, a greater percentage of residents and locals communicate in broken English (pidgin). More than half of the percentage in the state can speak Igbo.

There are 11 languages spoken here, howbeit, the major languages in Delta State include Izon, Igala, Urhobo Igbo and Itsekiri languages.

There you go, all you need to know about Delta state. If you read this article till this point, there is no doubt you are craving for a visit to the state. Kindly share your thoughts with other PropertyPro readers.



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