A Cruise To Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the amazing reserves in Lagos and Nigeria generally. In recent times, Lekki Conservation Centre(LCC) has become a major tourist attraction in Nigeria. As the name implies, LCC is a gem situated in Lekki, it is a perfect recreation centre for lovers of adventure and nature.

The reserve is owned and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria. Lekki Conservation centre has been established for about 21years, it covers 78 hectares of land and serves as a natural habitat for animals and plants.

Truth be told, one of the most desirable appeals that Lekki Conservation Centre offers is the serenity and tranquillity. It is a hideaway from the ever busy and noisy city of Lagos. The conservation centre has developed into one of Nigeria’s loveliest nature parks. It is also among the top fun places in Lagos.

Lekki Conservation Centre


What is not to love about Lekki Conservation Centre? If you are finding a hard time deciding a great hangout spot, picnic venue or a honeymoon destination, guess what? Here’s your ideal fun spot. However, there are a number of things you need to know about Lekki Conservation Centre. This article gives you a total guide to visiting Lekki Conservation Centre.


How to get to Lekki Conservation Centre

Trust me, getting lost in Lagos with all the chaos and bustling lifestyle that comes with it will definitely not be a comic experience. Let’s assume this is your first time visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre, you would want to be certain of “How to get to Lekki Conservation Centre” so let’s get started.

As mentioned earlier, Lekki Conservation Centre is favourably situated in Lekki-an opulent area in Lagos. If you are driving, you can go through the Lekki-Epe Expressway. However, to save you the stress of asking too many questions, you can take a straight taxi from wherever you are down to the conservation centre. In recent times, the taxi system in Lagos has gotten better with the introduction of online taxi-services such as Uber, Taxify, Oga Taxi and others.

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For those coming into Lagos or Nigeria for the first time by air and want to visit LCC, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport is approximately 1hour 20 minutes from the conservation centre. There are cabs within the airport willing to take you to your desired destination. You can also order a taxi online, all depends on what you want.

This is Lagos and jumping the bus is our typical everyday routine. Even car owners, ditch their cars as a result of the tiring Lagos Traffic as well as some bad roads. That being said, it is ok to join the train if you do not own a car or cannot afford a taxi service at the moment. If you are coming from the mainland, get a bus going to Oshodi, from there you can get a straight bus heading to Lekki/Ajah or you can break the journey by taking a bus to Obalende first. Alight at Chevron Bus stop, the reserve is a short distance from the bus stop.

If you are taking the bus, your trip to and fro will cost at least NGN1,200. However, for the taxi, the price of the fare is based on the service provider and their charges.


Lekki Conservation Centre

Best time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre

Of course, you can to have fun, there is no disputing that. Howbeit, there are a number of factors that can totally spoil your fun. One of which including picking a wrong time visit Lekki Conservation Centre, especially during rainy season. No one wants to have a picnic under the rain and on muddy grounds.

Your best bet is to visit Lekki Conservation Centre during the dry season that is from October to March. Although you can still visit at any time of the year, it is ideal to visit when it isn’t raining. You don’t have to think of the perfect clothes of shoes to wear. You can easily put on your heels or slide into a pair of sneaker and not have to worry about the rain.

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Lekki Conservation Centre Price

Guess you are wondering what the cost of going to such a reserve can cost. Guess what? You do not have to break a bank to enjoy the luxury, comfort and fun that the Lekki Conservation Centre has to offer. A trip to LCC can be quite affordable which makes it a great location for both the high and middle-income earners.

Here’s a list of the gate fees for children and adults at Lekki Conservation Centre:

Entrance charge for children (between 1-10) – NGN 200

Children (between 11-17) – NGN 300

For adults      – NGN 1,000

Canopy Walkway (for all ages) – NGN 1,000

Fun Things to do at Lekki Conservation Centre

When Lekki Conservation Centre is mentioned, a couple of things come to mind, some of which includes fun, nature, leisure and others. LCC is a perfect location to plunge yourself into the timeless beauty of nature. From the interesting animals to the tall trees, games, amazing scenery and of course the longest canopy bridge in Africa housed within.  

Lekki Conservation Centre is adorned with fascinating plant and animal life. A tour around the reserve reveals a massive expanse of marshland, savannah grassland and a rich aquatic flora and fauna. The scenic view of the area mapped out for picnic is breathtaking. There is something for everyone, from children, youths and old folks, everyone is bound to have the exciting experience of mother nature.

There are lots of fun and exciting things to do at Lekki Conservation Centre. Being one of the best relaxation spots in Lagos, the list of fun things to do here are endless. However here are some:

  • Have a picnic
  • Play a game
  • Get to see the old turtle and other animals
  • Tour and explore nature
  • Take the canopy walk

Have a picnic

Lekki Conservation Centre

The reserve is open from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm, this is enough time to have an interesting picnic with friends and family. The sheds and mini huts are cool places to have a small picnic. Whether you need a spot to relax and enjoy the coolness of nature, a nice place to hang out or a perfect romantic spot, you can’t go wrong in Lekki Conservation Centre.

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Play a game

Lekki Conservation Centre, Garden chess

For someone who has never been here, you might begin to wonder about what kinds of game you can play here. Let’s get you started on something interesting. Housed within LCC is an outdoor chessboard (or garden chess board) as well as other games such as draft, volleyball court and others that keep you entertained. You can play with friends and it also a nice place to link up with other people.  

Get to see the old turtle and other animals

Lekki Conservation Centre, 95 year old tortise in Lagos

If you have ever heard about Lekki Conservation Centre, chances are you have also heard about the 95-year-old tortoise. A lot of people are of the opinion that it is not true or real, however, you are bound to get really fascinated at the sight of it. The turtle is allowed to roam about, this also gives visitors a chance to take pictures when they want to. You also get to see some other animals such as the monkey, birds, tiger, crocodile and others.

Take the canopy walk

Lekki Conservation Centre, longest canopy bridge in Africa, second longest canopy bridge in the world

This is also a ritual in recent times. Who goes to the Lekki Conservation Centre without climbing the canopy walkway. The walkway which was launched in 2015 happens to be the longest canopy bridge in Africa and the second longest canopy bridge in the world. The climb experience can be quite frightening however, there are always people to walk with which makes it interesting. However, you pay an extra NGN1,000 to climb the bridge.

It is an error to visit the beautiful city of Lagos without touring the Lekki Conservation Centre. You get hooked at every turn as this is a treasure in the buzzing city of Lagos. Kindly share your experience with other readers


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