A possible future and solution to Africa’s housing crisis

3D printed houses have been recently gaining popularity in Europe and America and the  suggestion of this new house model could ease the rising number of housing deficits in Africa. 

In 2019, a printing company WASP and Mario Cucinella Architects unveiled the very first design, an eco-friendly 3D printed home model in likeness of wasp nest. The TECLA building (Technology and Clay) is located in Bologna, Italy. 

The TECLA was completed in 200 hours using multiple on-site printers.  Inside, TECLA comprises a living area, bedroom and bathroom, lit by skylights above.

The beauty of 3D printed home models is in its implementation of reusable and recyclable materials leaving nearly zero waste. Experts boast of its affordability, faster creation process, environmentally friendly and gives superior architectural options.

In the US, a pioneering 3D printed home just completed four homes in East Austin, Texas. The 2 to 4 bedroom homes are listed on the market, starting in the range of $400,000.

3D ICON Building in East Austin, Texas

While its popularity hasn’t grown in Africa, the possibility of 3D printed homes is exciting, and a great future for real estate. The cost of building in Africa is exponentially high in regards to materials, labour and acquiring the land but a 3D printed home might just be cost effective.

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