Parenting and Accommodation in Nigeria (2)

In the first part of this series, we looked at what parenting means and what parenting entails. We also examined how parents can lose their children to peer pressure and the effects of the environment on raising children. You can read the post hereToday, we will analyse drug abuse and its effects on parenting in relations to the environment in Nigeria.

You have possibly heard of garage boys and garage girls. I am sure slangs like ‘ori e wa n be”,  igbo or one wrap is not new to us. At times, our children turn out to act in ways we are not familiar with or ways we didn’t teach them. Parents may suddenly notice that their children behave in unexpected manners especially when they become teenagers. They suddenly decide not to eat at home anymore and use their pocket money to buy strange things.

Most of the time, they hide these things from their parents. These teenagers become highly secretive and inaccessible to their parents.

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Listening to the radio one day, a woman called to complain about her younger brother who has suddenly become a drug addict. In her description, he isolates himself from the family, he doesn’t eat, asks for so much money and he behaves in an unruly manner. Of course, she was so bothered because he is her only brother and he can’t even get a life of his own. He squanders all the money he gets; there is no hope for his future.

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Drug abuse has shattered the future of many people, interestingly, it seems uncontrollable. It is very shameful for parents whose children engage in this because of the societal perception of this act. The shame is even more because there is possibly no medical solution to it.

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Five major predisposing factors to drug abuse among young people the environment, curiosity, ignorance, academic induced frustration, and lack of parental care. Children are inspired by their environment and most of the time they get ideologies from people they are exposed and the environment they live.


There was a story of a boy who lives in Lagos (I am not spitting those that live there) who desired to be an Okada man because all his neighbours including his father are Okada men.

Children imitate their environment, so it is easier for children who grow up in an environment infested by drug addicts to turn out to be drug addicts as well. Interestingly, some children do not follow this trend. At times, this is due to the utmost respect they have for their parents or the utmost discipline the parents enforce.

Conclusively, getting a spacious conducive apartment is an important part of parenting. It may be a flat or even a self-contain apartment. Parents should keep their children close to them in a healthy environment. You can visit to rent or buy a new apartment.


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