Best way to start the new week

And so it’s Monday again, usually, a lot of people come dragging than they did when leaving work on Friday, are you one of those people who dread the work week? ┬áDreading the work doesn’t strip the week of its work so the best way to start the week is to start fully prepared and with a plan. Here some really sharp tips that’ll keep your batteries charged all week long.

1. Get enough rest : I know you have been working all week and when the weekend comes you want to have some fun, go out to see a movie, hang out with friends and other things people do for fun but having less sleep on weekends than you did during the week will not help, you to get the right amount of rest you need if Monday will go smoothly. So that’s the first, get some rest, you need it.

2. Come into the week with a plan: Know where you are headed, it’ll be much safer for you to spend the last hours of your weekend planning at least three days of the coming week, knowing exactly what you would be doing to some certain level of accuracy, that way you don’t overwhelm by work when you resume to the office on Monday. Write down your goals for the week.

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3. Keep a positive attitude: This is probably the most important after proper resting, you need a positive attitude to go through tasks and finishing early, a positive attitude helps you shut out all form of negativity and keeps your focus on work.

4. Look around: Take life in during work, take a break from work, talk to a colleague, read a post online, anything that makes your soul happy and lies within the confines of company policy. For the Bosses “play helps creativity” keep your workspace moderately playful.

5. Speak to yourself: If you haven’t noticed yet, your own voice has a way of bonding with you, tell yourself you are going to have a good day and that you will do everything to make sure you finish your tasks and clear your table. I’ll just throw in one more thing here; nothing is as annoying as walking into the office on Monday to meet unfinished work from last week, do your best to clear out your desk daily.

Five short tips but they’ll go a long way of you see them through, have a wonderful week.


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