Elegushi Beach : location, what to do, what to wear

Elegushi beach also known as Elegushi Royal Beach is the place to go to have fun solo, with family and friends, for a romantic getaway, classmates or with colleagues. It is probably the most popular beach in Lagos as everyone from different walks of life end up there on weekends, public holidays and free times. It is owned by the Elegushi Royal family.

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For people who live around the beach, it is not uncommon to hear that they are off to spend the weekend right on the beach. Birthdays, get together, meet ups and even romantic events happen at Elegushi beach. The beach has become a beautiful spot for memories. If you have never been to Elegushi beach before, we hope that this article will serve to inspire you to try this amazing spot out.


How to get to Elegushi beach

Elegushi beach is in Lekki. If you would like to book a taxi, this will be much easier if you are pocket full so that one, you don’t miss your way, two, it is as easy as it can be. A taxi to Elegushi should not cost more than two thousand to two thousand, five hundred Naira.

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If you cannot afford a taxi, you can board a bus from anywhere to Lekki and get off at the third roundabout. Elegushi beach is about 10 minutes drive from the Admiralty Circle Toll.

Things you can do at Elegushi beach

Celebrate your birthday

At Elegushi beach, with the bars and different suya spots, you can celebrate your birthday with your friends. It is such a cool place to have your close pals pop the wine, toast to different awesome things and merry merry.

Go on a picnic

With family and friends, Elegushi beach is the perfect spot to pick for a picnic. Don’t forget to come with your mat spread, food and drinks. If you have a good camera too, this is the perfect time to capture moments and create memories.

Have your own personal retreat

You can go to Elegushi beach to have your own peace and quiet. If you have been looking to have a day’s vacation, this is a good place to be. Lie down and fantasize, enjoy nature. If you would like to spend time with your loved one, go with them and have time alone, the two of you.

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Prepare for a photo shoot

With the natural background and a whole lot of amazing scenery, you can take pictures or organize a natural themed photo shoot. With great lighting, superb backgrounds, a good camera, nice outfits and a good photographer, you can generate a lot of pictures from just a single shoot. You can therefore consider this if you hope to go to Elegushi beach.

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Enjoy part of your honeymoon

If you are going to be spending your honeymoon in a place that is close by, Elegushi beach could be part of your “just wedded list of places to visit”. You can unwind from the stress of your just concluded wedding and take some time out to breathe as a couple, take pictures and enjoy the coolness of the environment. Because of the calmness of the Elegushi beach, you could take some time out to plan and leisurely prepare for the next step of your life.


We know how much public proposals have been trivialized but you can consider Elegushi beach for a private-public proposal. With plenty sand, your hand for writing, the ring, your knees etc., you can organize your proposal to the love of your life.

Elegushi beach entrance fee

Elegushi beach is the best place to go if you are trying to have fun on a budget because all you need is just the entrance fee of one thousand naira. On going further, if you go with your car, it costs two hundred naira to park.

There are other things that you could get for yourself while you are at Elegushi beach. Suya costs 500 Naira. Grilled fish, Nkwobi, and asun cost from 1,000 Naira above. If you would like to add more fun to your visit, you can go horse riding. This costs just 500 Naira.

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What to wear to Elegushi beach

When you are going to the beach generally, it is important to wear free clothing that can give you freedom and space to play in the sand and water. It is preferable to wear shorts and light shirts. Sneakers and other flexible footwear too will work. Slippers generally don’t work on the beach because of the sand drag, so, if you are going to be at the beach, and you want to wear a scanty footwear, it’s important to wear footwear like firm sandals.



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