Fun places to hang out in Ilorin

Ilorin, against popular opinions also has fun places where you can hang out, chill and relax. Just like any other city in Nigeria, Ilorin is full of life and energy, especially since the major tertiary institution, University of Ilorin gained prominence. Many people had to move from other parts of the nation to Ilorin. This has made the city vibrant.

Coupled with the peacefulness, unity and serenity, Ilorin is a great town to spend your honeymoon, go for holidays and take time of for retreat. In this article is a list of fun places that you can visit in Ilorin. Find them below:


Viva Cinemas

Viva cinemas

Are you looking to watch movies during the weekend? Viva Cinemas is one great place to hang out in Ilorin. You would be surprised at how many people troop into the cinema on weekends and on holidays. A safe way to have more fun is to go on days and times when people are not likely to be in the cinema mood.


Palms Shopping Mall

palms shopping mall

If you have extra bucks and you can spare a few cash, Palms shopping mall is a cool place to have some fun in Ilorin. It also affords you the opportunity to sight see and window shop. The glamour can take you to dream land. You can discover new products and buy some of them if you are financially ready.

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The National Museum

national museum, ilorin

If you love culture and art, the National Museum is definitely your best bet as you will see a lot of craft on display all in one place. Absorb all of the beauty in a breath and feed your eyes with traditional artifacts. It is a cool and fun place to hang out in Ilorin.

The Metropolitan Park

The Metropolitan park is the perfect place to get a YES. This is a great spot to relax, take a walk, swim and just enjoy nature. In fact, it is a good place to host your picnics and do a lot of fun activities as a family. Good thing about this park is that just about anybody can be comfortable here: students, workers, clerics, the elderly, anyone.

Dada Pottery

dada pottery ilorin

Dada pottery workshop is considered as one of the biggest traditional pottery factories in Nigeria. In this pottery factory, pots, water storage containers are produced and sold locally or exported out of the country. This is a great opportunity to see how these things are made. If you like hand skills and hand made products, this place will be fun for you to watch the making in Ilorin.


What other places are fun to be at in Ilorin? Let’s hear your views too.

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