How many Bedroom Flat is Suitable for a Family of Four?

Accommodation is no doubt a basic need in every family. It develops after graduation from the level of bachelorhood or spinsterhood to the level of marriage. Apartments for singles can be transformed into a home for a newlywed. Yet, as time goes on, there may be a need for change. Also, some singles do not consider their apartments appropriate for marriage.

I will be writing about young families or families with not more than two children. Thus, our focus today is on a small family. Not small in finances, but small in number. For me, a family of four is a unique blend. So many youths, who admire and plan to have a family of four ends up having a family of five or six with three to four children.

A family of four is a family that consists of two adults and two children. Choosing the right kind of accommodation for this type of family is dependent certain factors. I will list some of them below:

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  1. Choice
  2. Class
  3. Sex of Children
  4. Income
  5. Location

I have the ideal picture of an apartment suitable for a family of four. But this is dependent on the choices and the decision of the parents. So if I recommend a two-bedroom flat and the family prefers a three-bedroom flat or a duplex, I will be wrong.

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Our lifestyle is usually a reflection of the class we belong. For the sake of class, some people will never live in a two-bedroom flat, let alone a self-contain. So if the family belongs to the upper class, my principle may be wrong. On the other hand, those who belong to the lower class, may not be able to afford more than one bedroom apartment for a family of four.

The cost of renting an apartment is also very important. The family income is important. Thus, the rent should be affordable for the parents (the couple). This means that if the choice of a family is a three-bedroom flat and the income generated is not enough to pay the rent, then it becomes important to manage the available .

The location of an apartment determines the cost. Houses on the Island are more expensive than houses on the mainland. The cost of renting a duplex at Iyana Ipaja may be the same as the cost of renting a studio apartment in Lekki. A middle-class family of four may be live comfortably at Iyana Ipaja, but not in Lekki.


Sex of Children
This is somehow tricky. Allocating bedrooms for children can get complicated, as each housing authority’s policy differs. If two children are of the same sex, they normally will be given a room together. However, if two children are of opposite sex, they will likely only be granted separate bedrooms if they have reached a specific age (usually more than 5 years old). If the children are under the specified age limit, they must live in one bedroom together until they reach that age. Again, each housing authority policy differs, so please contact the office in your area of interest to find out its specific policy.

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