How to Maximise Your NYSC and Post NYSC Experience

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme in Nigeria has risen to prominence. It not just popular to the elites, but also the illiterates. Even Nigerian graduates who schooled abroad travel all the way to Nigeria because of this scheme. Introduced in 1973, to promote national integration, the scheme has gone a long way in fulfilling the aim of its existence.


However, a few graduates may encounter a lot of pre and post NYSC challenges. As an ex-corps member, who passed out in the 2016 batch B set. I will like to share a few experiences and give a few tips on how new corp members can maximize their service year to the fullest. So let’s examine the stages of NYSC in the following Order.

  • Pre-Camp
  • Camp
  • Post Camp
  • Post NYSC



This stage is usually a stage of skepticism. Most prospective corp members do not know where they would be posted to. Thus, they tend to be restless. Some try to work it. Others try to publish fake medical reports. The tension here is usually high. Even doting parents are always under pressure. To qualify for this stage, you need to be cleared in your school, without carryover and outstanding courses. Your name will be sent to NYSC from your school. You must register on the NYSC portal. Then look forward to receiving your Call-up letter which you will print online. For me, I was nervous and looked forward to leaving Lagos.

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The NYSC oriented Camp is scheduled to hold for three weeks. You can redeploy to another state after this period. This is after you have received your call up letter. You know your state of deployment. I was really scared of going to camp because of waking up early, soldiers and majorly because I can’t march. This sounds odd but it is the truth. But I must confess, the three weeks is one of the most remarkable periods in my life.

At the orientation camp, you have to wake up as early as 3:30 am to go for morning parade. But it is not bad because you will learn a lot of new songs and you will see a lot of chicks taking selfies on the parade ground early in the morning. The afternoon sessions, the lectures, and the evening sessions will be fun for you.

You can make a lot of friends here. The unique thing here is that there tends to be a cultural blend without segregation. So you can learn from different cultures. If you want to stay in the state you are deployed to, try to be active in camp, so that you will be posted to the capital. Start thinking of how to solve your accommodation challenges in camp.

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The Post Camp Experience

This is the real NYSC experience. The first thing you need to deal with is the locating your PPA. Another is the crowd at the state secretariat. It may take you about a week or two to get settled.

Now, it’s time to face the real deal. The biggest mountain confronting you at this point is how to get a safe and secure apartment at a very affordable price. So what do you do? Simple, you can solve this challenge during your pre-camp and camp experience. It’s just a click away. Visit to rent an apartment. You can even check out the cost of renting an apartment anywhere in Nigeria immediately you get your posting letter. This will help you to create a good budget before leaving your location for camp.

You can get a roommate or sublet your flat to save cost. Most times, the alowee is usually lower than the cost of getting an apartment. Especially in places like Port Harcourt and Lagos.

The Post NYSC Experience

This is one of the toughest stages of life for so many Nigerian Youths. Now, you have to go into the labour market and employment is highly competitive. Everybody looks up to you that they have finished training you. You have to pay bills now. You even have to rent your own apartment like a real young man. Then, it is marriage.

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This stage is affected by some of the things that you have learned during NYSC period. So, try to learn a skill that will enhance your post-NYSC experience.

Now, NYSC has confirmed that the posting of 2016 batch corps members will commence in January you still waiting, visit our website today, to plan for your rent during your NYSC.



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