How to Deal with Difficult  Landlords in Nigeria

Bose could not believe her eyes when she got to her shop and saw her apprentice and all her goods outside. She had just left her shop about an hour ago to get some things in the nearby market.

She had no issues with her landlord and she is not a troublesome person. Yes, she is not a troublesome person, everybody knows. But that statement may be faulty if one looks for Bose’s trouble. It is like somebody trying to play with the tail of a serpent. It stings and it is hard. It stings too hard that you may not be able to tell the story.

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Paying rent is not Bose’s challenge. In fact, if rent was a mannequin challenge, Bose would have been a statue. She pays her rent, a year ahead the stipulated time. She had inherited the hairdressing shop at Ago Bus Stop from her mother, who used to be a professional and popular hairdresser in the area.

Bose’s mother is a specialist in what she does even though some self-acclaimed posh people refer to her as local. She specializes in local weaving and didi. Years after working with her mother, Bose had become a professional in the trade. Yet, she never ceased to face challenges from her Landlord Baba Ige.

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The first was the double increase of the rent by Baba Ige. The second was the stable charge of 5,000 NGN for utility bills when the electricity bill costs just 1000 NGN and Lawma bill costs 300 NGN for a small shop like hers. She decided to take Baba Ige’s excesses and looked forward to better days ahead and better things in the future.

Now the python side of her is about to come out when she got to her shop to find her goods outside. It took the intervention of an elderly woman to control the situation. All that Baba Ige could say was that Bose’s mother had stayed too long in the shop and he needed a new tenant not Bose. It was an annoying excuse.


The same day, Bose went to the police station in the evening. Baba Ige was summoned and a new rental agreement was made. He was on the verge of losing a lot. It was a win situation for Bose who knows her right as a Lagosian.

Lagos Landlord can be funny, but Lagosians also need to know their rights. Be like Bose. Buy a property and be a better landlord than Baba Ige. Visit to buy a property anywhere in Nigeria today.

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