Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

A small bathroom can feel a bit congested due to the limited space available for movement. The bathroom is an important part of your house which can leave you frustrated if the space is small for use. The truth is no matter what design you decorate your small bathroom it will always be small in size but with a bit of colour change, lighting may be a change in style; you can transform your small bathroom into a cozy space. Below are bathroom ideas for small bathrooms so that youmaximize your small space



Add light to your bathroom

small bathroom

Allow as much light as possible. Well-lighted rooms always feel more spacious than dark rooms. You can paint the walls and ceiling the same light colour to make the bathroom appear bigger. You can also install additional ceiling light to increase the light in the room. Even if your walls and ceiling are light in tone, a dark floor will negate their effect and close the space in. Keep the flooring light to create a space with a bright and open flow.

Add mirrors

small bathroom

Install more mirrors in your bathroom. The reflected light on the mirror will open your small space into one that appears to be more spacious.

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Organize your space

small bathroom

In a small space, anything that is left out will eat into space and close it in. Install cabinets and keep your toiletries in it. The reality is that nothing crowds space faster than clutter. If you don’t need an item ensure you put it in the cabinet immediately.

Bathroom ideas for small bathroom

Having a bath mat on the floor all the time can make your bathroom feel smaller. Put your bath mats away when you’re not using them to expose the flooring and make space feel larger.

Additionally, install the same shower tile from floor to ceiling. The seamless look from top to bottom adds cohesion and openness to the small space.


Raise the shower curtain bar and windows


small bathroom

Raising your shower curtain bar all the way to the ceiling draws your eyes up and makes the ceiling seem taller, creating the illusion of a larger space. Raising the window curtain up to the ceiling also creates the illusion of a larger window, hence, making the small bathroom appear larger.


Install a sliding door


Bathroom ideas


Sliding doors can take up almost half the room, depending on how small the space of your bathroom. A sliding door won’t encroach on your bathroom’s already limited real estate.

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Install pedestal sink

Bathroom ideas for small bathroom

The added size of a full cabinet will take up the limited space in your bathroom, instead, try a pedestal sink. You may not have a place for soaps or towels on the vanity, but there are plenty of wall-mounted shelves perfect for your small bathroom.


With a few changes to your small bathroom can make significant differences in how it appears. Kindly share your other bathroom ideas for small bathrooms with other ToLet readers.


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