How To Make The Most Of Your Subscription

When you as an agent join our platform, we encourage you to subscribe to one of our 7 plans (Manager, Executive, President, Enterprise Realtor, Enterprise Business, Enterprise Gold, and Enterprise Platinum plans), as this gives you a better chance at reaching the right clients, generating leads, and eventually making sales.

If you’ve spent any time at all in the real estate business, you know how challenging it is to get your properties in front of the ideal clients and then persuade them to make a purchase. However, unlike the typical agent, realtor, or agency, our platform enables you to achieve your sales goals more quickly.

In this post, we have broken down each of the subscription plans, what features (and incentives) you get when you subscribe to any of them, and how to make the most of your subscription.

The Features


This feature comes in two types: manual and automatic. With manual push-up, you can boost all your properties and get them in front of new visitors as many times as your subscription plan allows.
With auto push-up, the system automatically boosts all your properties of its own accord, giving you visibility even when you’re not active online.

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Premium Listing

When you boost any of your listings with Premium, they will rank five times higher than other regular listings.

Premium Gold Listing

With this tool, your properties will rank ten times higher than other listings, including premium and regular listings. This is the last tool available to Manager, Executive, and President subscribers.

This incentive offers the biggest manual boost and exposure on the platform. It places your listings at the top of all others, regardless of what is being searched for. This gives your listing(s) 20 times more visibility on the platform. It is only available to Enterprise Business, Enterprise Gold, and Enterprise Platinum subscribers.

With your company logo on the homepage, all 500 thousand monthly website visitors become familiar with your brand logo. This is one of the best exposures we offer on our platform for realtors. It is only available to Enterprise Gold, and Enterprise Platinum subscribers.

Facebook Ads

With this, your properties are boosted on Facebook. This gives external exposure to potential clients. It is available to only Enterprise Gold and Platinum users at no additional cost.

With banner ads, like the Homepage logo, you get all 500 thousand people to become familiar with your brand image. This is available to only Enterprise Platinum users at no additional cost.

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Area Specialist

This incentive is available to all Enterprise subscribers. Each agent gets a chance to be featured as the specialist within the area that his or her agency serves. It is one of the best sources of exposure on the platform.

Utilising Your Subscription

Our customer care team always advise agents to use their tools, making it easier to reach clients and close deals, in order to get the most out of your subscription.

An example is the Push-Up tool. This tool re-advertises properties manually and automatically to improve their visibility. It pushes your properties to the top of the other listings within its categories. For instance, if a property is a premium listing, the push-up tool will push it to the top of all other premium properties.

Also, when you strategically use Sponsored Listings for any of your properties, they can be found on any page, regardless of the specifications given by the visitor. For instance, if a property you have in Ikoyi, Lagos, is made a sponsored listing, a person searching for apartments in other locations like Surulere, Magodo, or even other states like Ibadan could also see your property.

There are many other strategic ways of utilising the features and incentives you as an agent or real estate agency have access to. This would bring about immersive sales, and we encourage all our agents to reach out to the customer service team for more of these tips and tricks.

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