Iju Ishaga: What To Expect And Know

Iju, also known as Iju Ishaga, is one of the popular neighbourhoods under the Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Area in Lagos, Nigeria. In 1996, the local government was created alongside 183 local government areas in the country. The creation of the local government areas was during the military regime of General Sanni Abacha.

The local government consists of Ogba-Ijaiye, Ifako, Obawole, Oke-Ira, Iju-Ogunimu, Fagba, Agege Pen Cinema, Iju Ishaga which are the major places in the LGA. Ifako-Ijaye is a popular place in Lagos which shares boundaries with Ogun state. According to the 2006 Census, the population of Ifako-Ijaye is over four hundred thousand people.

The aim of this article is to give an overview of Iju Ishaga as an emerging community. That is; what it is like to live in Iju, fun things to do in Iju among others. It is not uncommon to hear about this place like any other place in Lagos. So, having an idea of what to expect or thing to do in the area is a head start.

Before we go into details of what to expect or do, we need to answer one of the most frequently asked questions:


Where Is Iju Ishaga Located In Lagos?

Iju Ishaga is located in the Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos state. The area is in close proximity to Ogba, Agege, and Ojodu Berger. It is also regarded as one of the border towns of Lagos because of its proximity to Ogun state.


Living In Iju Ishaga

By now, you should have the idea of where Iju Ishaga is located in Lagos. Finding your way to the area should not be difficult. That said, what is it like living in the area?

Living in Iju Ishaga is quite the same as living in any other area in Lagos. It is what you expect of a typical area in the Lagos Mainland half of the state. The usual bustle and hustle, loud noise on the streets and businesses everywhere.

Iju, due to its proximity to Ogun state, is definitely a suburb of Lagos. It is that part of Lagos that is far from the center of Lagos. Though it is very much like other parts of Lagos. Experiencing the usual traffic, nightlife and a considerable amount of commercial activities. Importantly, it has, over the years, been home to most middle-class earners of the state.

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There are also a considerable number of good houses in Iju. People often think since it is a border town to Ogun then it is not a developed area. However, it is not so as there are a number of real estate properties that can compete with other areas in the state.

Another important thing to note about living in Iju is that it is not as cheap as people make it seem. The standards and prices of houses for sale in Iju would definitely rival most places in Lagos. There are also a number of lands for sale in Iju because it is a fast developing area with lots of potentials.


Hotels In Iju Ishaga

Hotels in Iju Ishaga

There are chances that you are visiting this part of Lagos for the first time and might need a place to stay. You really do not need to worry yourself about this. We have got you covered. There are a good number of hotels in Iju Ishaga and its environs.

Like many other places in Lagos, you would find decent hotels in Iju Ishaga. As Lagos continues to push its status from a mega city to a smart city, the number of developments cannot be overlooked. There has been an increase in the availability of real estate properties.

Investors are taking advantages of the opportunities that the new Lagos tends to offer. It is as a result of the increased number of houses and hotels in most part of Lagos. Over the years, places like Oshodi, Agege, and its environs have witnessed a considerable amount of change.

This means you can never run out of ideas of where to stay or spend the night in Iju Ishaga. Interestingly, the hotels in Iju Ishaga are relatively cheap. Depending on your budget plan, you will definitely get a hotel that is pocket-friendly.

The list of some of the hotels in Iju includes Opracini Hotel and Lounge, Grandy Suites Hotel, Ten Q Guest House, Wabrasaq Hotel, Treasures Exclusive Hotel, Climax Hotels and Events, New Generation Hotel, Cool Planet Inn etc.

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Iju and Pop Culture

These days, it has become a trend for Nigerian music artists to sing about places or “rep” popular places in Lagos. Though one might argue that it is one of many strategies to sell their music or songs. However, it is hard to deny that this trend is actually a win-win situation for both the artist and the people of such particular area.

For instance, areas like Surulere, Ojuelegba, Agege from time to time find their way into the music scene. Songs have been tailored by artists to suit these different places. Interestingly, Iju Ishaga seems to be in line with the trend.

Danny S is definitely the one of leading the trend to put Iju Ishaga on the map. With hit songs like Ege, Japaa and Freestyle, Iju Ishaga tends to be here for long. Even if you have not been to the area, you probably have heard it in songs.

Fun Things To Do In Iju

Whether you are visiting Iju Ishaga for the first time or you live here, there are quite a number of fun things to do. It is like visiting any other area in Lagos, you will definitely have one or two fun places to go. Lagos is synonymous to many and fun is definitely part it. Over the years, people have always come to Lagos for the “hustle” and of course “to enjoy life”.

That said, below are some of the fun things to do in Iju:

Go Shopping in Iju Ishaga

Shopping in Iju Ishaga

One of the sure things you can do in Iju Ishaga or any part of Lagos is shopping. For a state dubbed as the economic and commercial capital, there are a thousand and one places to go. This part of Lagos is actually a mix of a residential and commercial area. As much as it is the go-to place for low and middle-income earners, it is also a business area.

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It is not unusual to see people selling by the roadside at major bus stops. The traders usually have a wide range of products for sale; from groceries to clothing. You can literally buy anything from these places. You can also visit the designated market points if you can’t get what you want from the roadsides.

Aside from shopping at roadsides or main markets, you can also shop at malls. There are a number of malls and plazas in Iju Ishaga to shop from. Some of which include Addide, Bobo Food and Beverages Ltd, Airtel Express Shop, 1K store among others.

Experience The Lagos Nightlife

Experience Lagos nightlife

Lagos is arguably the best place in Nigeria to enjoy and experience the perfect nightlife. For reasons of this nature, Lagos is considered the city that never sleeps. Unlike other states where night means bedtime, night in Lagos is the new dawn.

The city is home to several fun spots, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Aside from getting to rest from work, Fridays are the best for those who intend to hang out. This is the lifestyle for most people living in Lagos. Interestingly, the fun is equally spread across the city.

Iju Ishaga has its fair share of the Lagos nightlife. It is host to a good number of restaurants, bars, and clubs. So, if you find yourself in the area, be rest assured that there are places to have fun. You can also visit other places close to Iju like the Fela Shrine in Ikeja.

Go Sightseeing

Sightseeing is another fun thing you can do in Iju Ishaga. If you are the type that is not bothered about the crowd, you can actually take a walk around the town. You can actually visit places of interest and get to know the area more.

After reading the article, you probably know a thing or two about Iju Ishaga and what to expect. You can also share your opinions or views about the area with fellow readers.


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