Victoria Island: Things To Know

Victoria Island, also popularly referred to as V.I, is one of the upscale areas in Lagos state. It is one of the areas under the Eti Osa Local Government Area in Lagos. Victoria Island is located on the other half of LagosLagos Island. This part of Lagos is not just home to some of the upper-class citizens, it is also considered the business hub of the city. The claims to these are not far-fetched as it is home to international companies/brands and headquarters to some of Nigeria’s financial institutions.

It is the Victoria Island which links both the Lagos Island and the Lekki Peninsula; the latter is considered home to most of the city’s expensive real estate assets. Victoria Island is a business hub and home to top financial institutions in the country, is also one of those places you can actually raise your kids if you are looking to get away from the ‘noisy’ Lagos. Though there have been significant talks about this area, what most of these talks are focused on is its business side which has not only put it on the Lagos map but also in Nigeria.

Lagos is a city synonymous to many things of which business and traffic jam would always top the chart; however, what is often not said that Victoria Island is arguably the place in which these things are concentrated. If you ever get to experience this part of the state at peak hours, you might wonder how it accommodates half the city’s entire population. This is due to a large number of people working on the Victoria Island and living on the mainland.

As earlier said, a lot of things have been said about this part of Lagos, but there are definitely things you might not have heard of.


What Is It Like To Live In Victoria Island?

Ozumba Mbadiwe


Lagos is considered one of the toughest places to live in Nigeria, and West Africa. This is largely due to its population which ranks top when compared to other states. It is the business hub of the country and home to diverse people from a wide range of countries and tribes. Lagos is that place people come in search of greener pastures.

It is believed that if you can make it in Lagos, you can make it anywhere else in the world. Though the claims may be far reached but to some school of thoughts, living in Lagos should be added as an employment skill. The humour is these thoughts cannot be swept under the carpet. In all, the points in which they drive home is that Lagos is not an easy place to live in.

Despite this, the number of people who come into Lagos has never reduced over years. This is because it remains top on the list of places people want to live and work. Considering the fact that Lagos is divided into two – the Lagos mainland and Lagos Island, a lot have been said and written about life on the Lagos mainland: the bustle and hustle, the ghetto life and lots more.

What then is it like to live on the Lagos Island – the city’s other half? Inasmuch as the article is about Victoria Island, we would consider what it is like to live in this part of Lagos.

Victoria Island, like other areas on the Island, is surrounded by water – majorly the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagos Lagoon. It is that part of Lagos state that has distinguished itself as a business hub yet maintaining its conduciveness as a residential area.

As accustomed to most Lagos Island areas, Victoria Island is the abode of upper-class citizens – the celebrities, oil moguls, politicians and persons with deep pockets. Unlike what you come across on some of the Lagos mainland roads, the roads here are interlocked. Another outstanding feature of Victoria Island is that it is the focal point for everything luxury and fun – from restaurants, hotels down to nightclubs.

It is due to the good road network that most businesses have their headquarters in this part of Lagos. This part of Lagos, despite the population, is relatively peaceful, making it one of the places where expatriates love to live. Victoria Island also provides a considerable amount of beautiful sea views, it is also a sister city to Eko Atlantic built on the reclaimed land from the Atlantic Ocean.

All these make Victoria Island one of the best places to live in; no wonder more people are searching for land for sale in Victoria Island and where to live.

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Places In Victoria Island

Over years, a number of places in Victoria Island have become landmarks in the state. Some of which are popular structures like Eko Hotel & Suites, Civic Centre, Federal Palace Hotel among others. However, some of the areas or places in Victoria Island include Ozumba Mbadiwe, Oniru, Tiamiyu Savage, Ahmadu Bello, Adeola Odeku, Adeola Hopewell, Kofo Abayomi, Danmole Street, Idejo, Abudu Smith, Saka Tinubu, Ajose Adeogun, Muri Okunola, Etim Inyang, Jide Oki, Louis Solomon, Sanusi Fafunwa, Idowu Taylor, Adeyemo Alakija, Ligali Ayorinde among others.

There are, however, some places or areas that have become household names; for those who live and/or work in Victoria Island, these places are not unknown and have become part of their day to day activities. The following are some of these places:

Ozumba Mbadiwe

Ozumba Mbadiwe is arguably the most popular place or area in Victoria Island. It is considered one of the busiest area in Lagos due to the number of people who ply the route on a daily basis. Considering the fact that Victoria Island is a mix of a business and residential area, Ozumba Mbadiwe caters for those who work here and are going to Lekki. The area is close to Kofo Abayomi, Adeola Odeku and Akin Adesola.

There is a good road network here; interlocked, and which also adds to the overall aesthetics of the area. However,  Ozumba Mbadiwe is also host to some of the heaviest traffic jam in Lagos, especially at peak hours.

The Nigerian Law School is one of the many prominent buildings you would find on this road. Other major businesses or buildings in this area include; Federal Ministries of Industries, Civic Center, Oceanic Insurance Company Ltd, Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Cat Construction Group Limited etc. Though one might easily forget that this place is also a residential area due to its competitive commercial nature.

There are quite a number of residential apartments in Ozumba Mbadiwe that would rival the best buildings in Lagos. For those who desire to raise their kids here, there are a number of schools also in the area: Victoria Island Primary School, Victoria Island Senior Secondary school, Goethe Institute (German Cultural Institute), Ansar-ud-deen Primary School etc. It is also a great place for anyone looking to start their business, as it already has an array of businesses.

Ahmadu Bello Way

Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island

Ahmadu Bello Way is another major business hub in the Victoria Island area. Depending on your location, it is close to Bonny Camp and Adeola Odeku. This part of Victoria Island is home to one of the longest roads. Ahmadu Bello is equally a business hub as it is a residential area. For most people, it is the goto place for shopping, clubbing, to see a movie or spend quality friends with friends and family.

It is home to some major bank branches as well as popular hotels. The area can also boast of a good road network when compared to most places in Lagos. It also a good power supply which makes it one of the top places for people to live in. The Eko Atlantic is adjacent Ahmadu Bello Way. Due to its competitive business edge and the number of people who work here on a daily basis, it is one of the major points for the traffic jam at peak hours.

Some of the prominent businesses or companies in Ahmadu Bello Way are Silverbird Galleria, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Urban Development Bank of Nigeria PLC, Mansard Insurance PLC, Fairbond Group, Old Mutual Nigeria Life Assurance, Qatar Airways Lagos, Hamzat Technical works, Ecobank, Federal Palace Hotel among others.

There are also a number of schools in the area like the National Open University of Nigeria, ADRAO International School, Precious Group of Schools etc. One fun fact about Ahmadu Bello Way is that there are no mosque or church present in the area.

Adeola Hopewell

With close proximity to Ozumba Mbadiwe and Sandfill area, Adeola Hopewell is another commercially oriented place in Victoria Island. It is not surprising that most of the areas are commercially inclined because Victoria Island Lagos is considered the hub of business; most especially for residents of Ikoyi and other parts of Lagos. There are a good network of roads as with most places in Victoria Island.

One stunning feature of this place is its architectural structures built to luxurious taste. Also, Adeola Hopewell is quite a quiet and accessible area to live. Besides the features that make it highly residential, Adeola Hopewell is also home to a number of companies or businesses. Some of which include UBA Pensions Custodian Limited, Fidelity Union Securities Ltd, Samsung, Resourcery Plc and First City Monument Bank.

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1004 Estate

1004 Estate

1004 Estate is one of the popular landmarks in Lagos Island and can be located on the Victoria Island. It was originally opened in 1979 and reopened in 2009 after it was refurbished. The estate is considered the largest single high rise estate in Sub Saharan Africa and comprises of over 1004 flats. It is also one of the most photographed buildings in Victoria Island. The entire estate provides good jogging space and walking in evenings and mornings. There are four swimming pools and Tennis Courts providing a vibrant sporting lifestyle for residents.

Kofi Abayomi

Kofo Abayomi, like most of the aforementioned, serves as both a residential and commercial area. It is one of the notable areas in Victoria Island, due to its array of businesses and residential apartment. This part of the city can boast of constant power supply, good network of roads and other necessary social amenities.

There are also a number of notable companies and offices in the area: Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency, Primera Africa, Global Energy Company, Accenture Nigeria, Candy Baking, Careforte Health Ship, Metropolitan Club, Consul General of Spain, Aire Dental Clinic, Laserderm Clinics, Total Nigeria, lop and Citibank among others.

If you are looking forward to living or start your business in this part of Victoria Island, there are quite a number of residential and commercial properties for rent in Kofo Abayomi.


How To Get Around In Victoria Island

Knowing the places and what it is like to live in Victoria Island is not enough. There is the need to be aware of how to get around the entire area. Though it is clear that Victoria Island is the abode for some of the society’s top shot; with its good network of roads and luxurious real estate properties, however, it is not without its own fair share of the Lagos traffic.

It is most times due to the number of people during peak hours. Here, given that the majority of the residents are upper-class citizens, most of the people in the area own a car. This does, however, not mean that there are no alternatives to move around in the area. The means of transportation range from commercial buses, cabs, motorcycles to ferries. It is also important to note that getting around Victoria Island can be relatively expensive when compared to other places in Lagos.

By Commercial Bus

This arguably the most used means of transport in Victoria Island. Maybe largely due to the fact that most people come to this part of Lagos to work and often do not bring their cars along sometimes. The commercial buses are painted unlike the traditional colour of the Lagos commercial buses (danfo) – yellow and black. They are cheap, safe and easy links to Lekki, Ikoyi and environs.

The best time to use commercial buses is in the early hours of the day and late in the evening. The commercial buses are also with conductors, calling out bus stops, so it is easy for a first timer in the area.

By Motorcycles

Another way to get around Victoria Island is by making use of commercial motorcycles – popularly known or referred to as Okada. The fees of an Okada is sometimes expensive as it is dependent on your destination and your bargaining skill. People often make use of the motorcycles when they need to get to their destinations faster. However, it is important to note that motorcycles are banned from major highways by the Lagos State Government.

By Car

For car owners, this is another means in which they get around the area. Though one cannot but notice the reduced rate at which people use their personal car get around due to traffic jam, and sometimes parking space. Victoria Island continues to evolve from the mostly residential area into one of the country’s major commercial hub; which is the main cause of traffic jam in the area as more people come to the area for work. However, apart from the peak hours, you would fall in love with Victoria Island aesthetics especially at night.

By Uber/Taxis

Depending on your destination or need, you might also consider a taxi or Uber. It is another way to blend in with the rich lifestyle of Victoria Island. They are, however, relatively expensive when compared to taking commercial buses or motorcycles – Okada. Ubers or taxis as the case may be are best if you tend to move fast and still experience comfort within and around.

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The amount you pay on a trip (taxi) is dependant on your bargaining skill. It is also important that you and the driver negotiate who will pay the toll gate fee if you intend going through the Lekki link.

By Tricycles

The commercial tricycles are arguably one of the most used means of transportation in Lagos today. They are also available for use in Victoria Island. It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get around within the neighbourhood. You can easily spot a tricycle; they are painted yellow.

By Ferry (Boat)

Considering that Victoria Island is surrounded by water, ferries are the best ways to get around especially from or to areas like Ikorodu, Ikoyi, Lekki and Apapa. They are as expensive as taking taxis but with the exceptions of being stuck in traffic jams that have become a norm in Victoria Island.


Where To Stay In Victoria Island

The chances that you wouldn’t get where to stay in Victoria Island is very slim. This is because of the array of options here. Whether you intend to just spend a night or planning to move to Victoria Island, this part of Lagos is arms ready to welcome you. For someone looking to start a family in the area, there are enough houses for sale in Victoria Island. You can visit in order to get started with your search.

Also, if you are considering staying for a day or two, there are a number of expensive and cheap hotels in Victoria Island to lodge in. As earlier mentioned, Victoria Island is home to some of Lagos top hotels such as Eko Hotel & Suites, Protea Hotel, Federal Palace Hotel, Landmark Hotel, BWC Hotel, Blowfish Hotel and among others. The cheap hotels or guest houses in Victoria Island also include Beni Gold Hotel, Integrity Hotel & Suites, Morning Side Suites and Spa, Annes Luxury Suites, The Sanzak Place etc.

What this means is, with the wide range of hotels and guests houses in Victoria Island, there is always where to stay depending on your budget.

Victoria Island Nightlife

Nightlife in Victoria Island

The Lagos nightlife is definitely of the reasons people come to the city besides its commercial prowess. There is the saying that Lagosians know how to work and party at the same time. No wonder people often look forward to Fridays; which are gateways to the weekend and ways to ease the week’s stress.

The nightlife in the city is one of the best in the country as most of the entertainment shows are held in Lagos. There is arguably any music tour or show that doesn’t come to Lagos – it is where the country’s money is. This means that both the Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland experience a fair share of the city’s nightlife, especially on Fridays or weekends.

However, the Lagos Island is where the “big boys” of the city go to party as most of the top clubs are in this area. The Victoria Island nightlife is considered one of the best in Lagos as it is home some of the most popular clubs and bar such as Quilox, Escape Nightlife, Pat’s Bar, Nitro Club, Rumours Nightclub, Alba Lounge, Metropolitan Club, Escobar etc. If you want to experience the rich nightlife of Lagos, you definitely want to head over to Victoria Island. Aside from going to bars and restaurants, the night skies of Victoria Island is another beautiful experience you definitely want to experience.

The roads are lit up by streetlights and its entire beauty comes to life. By this time of the day, usually around 8 pm downwards, the majority of the population are close for work and back on the mainland. The calmness and display of skyscrapers make it one of the most beautiful places in Lagos. Also, with the emerging new city – Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island promise to be one for the future as more people would come into the area; to live and do business.

If you have read the article without skipping any of the points listed, you definitely have an overview of Victoria Island; what to expect and what to get around, so it shouldn’t be difficult blending in with the lifestyle of the area. Kindly share your view(s) or experience(s) on Victoria Island with fellow readers.


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