Minimalism- is it right for you?

If there has been any shocking but fast-growing trend in the past few years, it has to be minimalism. It almost looks like everyone is a minimalist, from their Instagram page to their fashion style to their homes. We can’t blame them, can we? Apart from the many benefits of minimalism, it’s quite a unique style. 

Maybe you have been a minimalist for a while, or you are looking to become one, it’s important to find out if this lifestyle is actually for you. 


What is the minimalist lifestyle?

Just as the name implies, minimal, less. The concept of “less is more” comes to play here. The minimalist lifestyle involves living with fewer resources whether in terms of house or possession and yet being satisfied. 

Although nowadays, being a minimalist doesn’t always mean spending less but it does mean buying less, which in a sense can be spending less or more. 

Minimalist Space
Minimalist Space

Is the minimalist lifestyle for me?

Choosing to do more in terms of house decorations or fashion style is tempting, but the minimalist life does come with a wide range of benefits to keep you organized and stress-free. 

This benefit stood out for me also, it is easy to get distracted and stressed out, especially in an overly cluttered home. Minimalism can help strike a balance. 

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You should consider these five (5) reasons when trying to determine if minimalism is the right fit for you:

Organised and Less Cleaning Time:

Almost everyone loves a clean and tidy home but cleaning can be a chore. What better way to spend less time cleaning than owning less stuff? As a minimalist, since all your items are stored in a carefully constructed space, there is a higher chance of being organised. 

Also, “less is more” and maybe that can also imply less cleaning time. 

Reduce stress:

Consider for a moment not having an overly cluttered home. For a hoarder, the minimalist lifestyle might not be for you except you desperately need a change. It’s no news that physical clutter leads to more stress, minimalism reduces the clutter while keeping it neat and simple. 

Can be economical:

Especially if you have spent a whole lot of your budget on acquiring the house and other important stuff, the minimalist lifestyle provides an opportunity to spend less while creating a space you love. Although minimalism doesn’t mean having to spend less, however, if you’re buying less, you can make high-quality purchases that last longer. 

Possibly the best thing about the minimalist lifestyle is the cost-saving and energy efficiency it brings.

More storage space:

Finding where to keep the never-ending items in a house is one major challenge. The nonexistence of space for storing home items gives way to clutter. The minimalist lifestyle includes having simple and neat storage spaces. It allows you to place your items in specific spaces and still have extra room for things lying around your home.

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Helps productivity:

The ‘less is more mindset and interior design boost productivity. A minimalist design includes simple decor, furniture colours that calms the mind, light walls, leaving room for natural light. With this, you are less distracted and your brain can perform better.

So would you consider the minimalist lifestyle?


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