Open ended questions to ask in real estate

Imagine your friend told you that he needs your help to solve a problem but does not reveal the nature of the problem to you and he keeps texting you to assist him. How would that make you feel? Confused, irritated or even frustrated because the truth is you cannot provide a solution to an unknown problem. The quote knowledge is power is true because been aware helps you to map out a solution very easily without stress. As a  real estate agent, it’s very important to ask many open-ended questions from the client in order to ascertain their needs and provide appropriate solutions.

The goal of the open ended question is that it gives room for the client to be expressive, unlike close-ended questions when clients respond with yes or no. Below are questions tailored to stimulate answers from the client.

Can you tell me more about yourself?

Describe the kind of house you would like to rent or buy?

It was good hearing about your need for a house in our last phone chat, but since we are out for lunch, I would love to hear the longer version. What’s your story?

Do you have any concerns or issues so far about our discussion?

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What other areas would you like to discuss about renting or buying a house moving forward?

Do you have a house budget or range in mind?

Is there anyone else involved with this decision to buy or rent a house? Who?

When can we begin searching for a house?

What concerns do you have about renting or buying a house?

How well you know your clients will have a big impact on the success of your sales process and to know your clients better, you have to ask them investigative questions. Don’t forget to listen attentively to your session with a client.


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