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Questions & Answers about House Inspection

Normally, after finding a suitable apartment online, the next thing on the mind of a home-seeker should be to see the property for themselves but such can’t be done without the service of a house inspector. How much do you charge? Isn’t this usually the first question prospective home buyers or renters ask a house inspector? Actually, asking the inspector about their qualifications and experience should be the first questions.

I have discovered a number of other questions home buyers or renters tend to ask about house inspection. While some feel the inspection is irrelevant, others feel it should be free.

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The following is a list of frequently asked questions and my convincing answers.


Does every house need to be inspected?

Whether new or old, every house should be inspected by intending buyers or renters in order to prevent avoidable spending on repairs later on.

Can’t I inspect the property by myself?

Why not? Of course, you can! But trust me, a builder’s perspective on a property would save you a lot of cost and stress. Hence, you need a house inspector who is a professional.

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How do I know if a house inspector is authentic?

A professional home inspector should be your safeguard against closing on a house that may not be as it appears on the surface. Hence, the inspector should cover areas such as heating and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, floor, walls, ceiling, windows and doors, venting, insulation; attic, foundation, kitchen instalment as well as other structural components. Items like these would most likely go unnoticed during a casual “walk through” of the property, which is the extent of inspection most buyers do before making a decision.

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Should I pay for a house inspection?

Most reputable house inspectors would spend 3 or more hours on site doing the physical work of the inspection, and then another hour or two putting together a comprehensive inspection report. So, you should be willing to compensate their efforts well.

How much should inspection fee be?

Inspection fees vary by geographical area, house size, house age and other factors. The more developed the area and the bigger the house, the more inspection fee you should expect to be charged.

The foregoing are just a few out of many questions asked about house inspection. If you have unanswered questions, feel free to place them in the comment section below.



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