Simple Security Measures To Keep Safe. 

Regarding the protection of their lives and property, many Nigerians are not in the best of conditions right now. The print and electronic media in Nigeria are constantly flooded with reports of armed robberies, kidnappings, and other acts of terrorism. Religious leaders, the elderly, minors, and even pregnant women are not exempt from this attack because the rules of operation have changed. Here are simple security measures to keep safe. 


Ensure the doors to your apartments are locked or bolted. 

Even when you and your family members are indoors. Invest in good burglary-proofing for your doors and windows. If possible, have a good rapport with your neighbours. They will keep an eye on your property, and you will also reciprocate – a kind of informal neighbourhood watch.

Don’t tell people your travel plans. 

Be wary of letting your domestic staff (drivers, gardeners, cooks, etc.) be privy to your travel plans far ahead of your departure dates. Of course, you must do a vigorous background check on any individual you allow to work in your personal space. Only let very close family members know of your travel itinerary, where you are going, and your possible arrival date. 

Invest in Fire Extinguishers. 

Fire disasters are pretty common during dry seasons (harmattan). Motorists and safety-conscious homeowners are advised to invest in fire extinguishers. Fire and smoke alarms are also affordable these days. Ensure you unplug all electrical devices from the socket if you will be going out.

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Ensure your residence and surroundings are sufficiently lit up

Unfortunately, 24/7 electricity supply cannot be guaranteed in most parts of Nigeria but there is a way around this. The advent of solar panels and inverters means one can still power say 4-5 or more energy-saving electric bulbs within one’s residence at night. Alternatively, please buy and keep any of these cheap rechargeable touch lights or lanterns within your reach at night.

Protect your internet from hackers by using strong passwords.

The growth and penetration of technology have their good and bad side. The advent of online banking, ATM transactions etc means savvy criminals do not necessarily have to hold a gun to your head or physical break into your home before they can take your life savings. It is a growing phenomenon. There are rampant cases of criminals infiltrating into people’s homes or the offices of organisations through their Internet connection (wireless router) especially when these facilities lack encryption or are not password protected. Please encrypt, and password your wireless Internet facility.

Passwords to keep your details private
Protect your internet from hackers by using strong passwords.

Don’t announce your movements indiscriminately. 

If you’re going to be at a new location, don’t put out details about it till you have left or are on your way out, this way you don’t open yourself up for attacks. Do away with a tendency to update your whereabouts or when you will be travelling on social media platforms.

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Avoid putting valuables on a window display or in very noticeable places. 

You don’t want to give people the impression that you’re showing off. Hence, it’s good to reduce the number of eyes on you and your loved ones. 

Don’t play the hero if and when you come in contact with dangerous criminals. 

If you are in danger or you see anything suspicious around you, find your way safely out of the situation or call the nearest possible security personnel. 

Remember to think about your safety always, as there is only so much we can do to keep ourselves safe in these times. Are there any other simple security measures to keep safe that we left out? Share with us!

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