The Top Benefits Of Having Bigger Garages



Bigger is better. That’s what home designers always say. To them, having bigger spaces makes any home good and functional. The same applies to the garage. When designing a modern garage, prioritize bigger spaces. Your cars need bigger spaces. You need more spaces to incorporate key features such as the refrigerator, bar, reading area, etc. Build your dream garage with Eagles Garage. Here are the top reasons why you should make your garage bigger.

Storage Space

Bigger garages offer bigger storage spaces. With bigger garages, you have additional spaces you can store things like gardening equipment, workshop tools, etc. Here, you can install cabinets, shelves, and compartments units. Use these additional storage spaces to store more items. It’s in the garage that you can have a nice library, resting space, etc.

Therefore, if you are thinking about building a garage, make it bigger. Look for designs that give you bigger spaces. Tell your designer that you need additional space.


Bigger garages offer you more flexibility. A bigger garage offers you more space where you can park more than one car. Remember, your guest requires more spaces to park their cars. You also need more space to store auto tools and equipment.

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Plus, if your family is big, you need more space for more cars. The bigger garage also offers the perfect workspace. You can use your garage to hold family meetings, organize a party, and undertake your projects.

Car Storage

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, 3 out of 4 Americans believe that the main function of a garage is to park their cars. The same study pointed out that vehicles are used rarely (i.e., less than 5 percent). This means that most of the time cars are parked at home.

So, don’t park your car outside. Secure it in a bigger garage. Ensure that your garage can provide your car with ample parking space.  If you have more than one car, choose a bigger garage for more parking space.

Build A Bigger Garage

The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to construct a bigger garage. With the right tips and tricks, you can construct the right garage. The trick lies in finding the right contractor. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose a good contractor.


Choose an experienced contractor. He/she should have experience constructing a garage similar to yours. Ask the contractor about his/her past projects.


Choose a certified contractor. Certification means that the contractor will offer professional services. He/she will maintain high-quality standards.

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Read online customer reviews when choosing a contractor. Don’t choose a contractor whose reputation is tainted. Select a reputable contractor. Look at the fees. Sign a proper contract.

The Bottom-Line

A garage should have enough storage space. Flexibility is also another big factor when constructing a garage. A bigger garage looks more stylish. So, why stick with a smaller garage? Well, there is no need. Make things bigger. The above are key benefits of choosing bigger garage designs for your home.

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