Top 10 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent

Making reasonable profit from your real estate investments begins with hiring the right agents to work with. Not all real estate agents are the same, you need more than enough information from prospective agents before you sell you or buy a property. It’s critical you make the right decision about who will handle your real estate investment considering it as one of the largest investment you can invest on. Choosing an experienced agent is a tough process, especially when it’s your first time selling or buying a property.

Check Top 10 Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents below;


What properties have you recently sold?

This question helps give you an insight into the types of properties your agent have sold in the past. Some agent specialises in the selling of commercial property or residential property while some can work on both sides considering their level of experience. Ideal agents must have worked on at least five similar properties in the past.

What selling price do you think I can achieve?

Your agent is expected to give you a sale price they think your property can be sold. Ask further by finding out why they gave the sale price and on what bases are their conclusions.

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Why are you different from other agents?

This question allows your agent to distinguish themselves from others. They should emphasize more on their marketing plan, sales channel and achievements in dealing with similar properties. Your agent should possess some unique offers you can’t get elsewhere.

Do you have references I can contact?

This is similar to finding out the type of clients your prospective agents have dealt with in the past. It helps you grade their level of expertise and experience in handling your property.

 Is your commission negotiable?

Agreeing cuts seems to be the most difficult aspect of working with an agent. It’s not advisable to work with cheap agents but your agent should possess good negotiating skill and should be fair to commission as well.

How do you attend to buyers?

This helps to find out personal attributes of your real estate agent before they become your face and interact with customers on your behalf. An agent with a temper problem or lacks effective communication skill shouldn’t be considered for a business.

 How long will it take to sell my property?

Answering a question like this seems difficult for agents except if they’ve worked on similar properties and probably have enough understanding of the local market. You can as well ask for those factors that will affect the property sales.

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How long have you been in real estate business?

Experience counts in real estate but it’s not enough reason that agents with the most experience should be the best Some novice real estate agents have handled big properties that turned out to be really cool. These are things you should work out for.

 How much will I spend on Advertising?

Advertising depends on the type of property and it’s location. The two forms of advertising are either traditional like newspapers, signboards or digital such as online listings, email marketing and lots more.

 How should I sell my house?

This is where the agent introduces you to the different type of selling methods in real estate agents such as auction sales, price on application, expression of interest and sale. You also need to find out how the agent plan to arrange your property viewing or walkthrough for your property.

A good real estate agent can make a thousand difference to the sale price of your property if you chose carefully. However, making use of trusted online platforms such as remains one of the ways to stay safe with your real estate investment.

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