5 most Lucrative Environments to get an Office space in Lagos

Getting an office space may be a channel of wealth, or bring about an increase in profit. Yet, getting an office space is the worse nightmare for some people. How can you maximize your profit my getting the right office space?

I have met a number of people who got office spaces and the office is all that they can show for the business. The profit margin is nothing to write home about. While for others, changing their office location is the worse mistake they have ever made in business. Although the office location is not the only factor that affects a business, it plays a great role in determining the success of a business. The environment depends on the type of business you do. So what sell in a particular environment can be bad business and in another environment, the worse business to do.



This is the capital of Lagos. Over the years, Ikeja has proven itself as the real capital of Lagos by being home to a lot of small scale businesses and Large scale businesses. It houses the popular Computer Village and it is the abode of most of the fore-runners in the tech industry. Beauty Business, Tech Business, Phone and Laptop Businesses thrive in Ikeja. The market is attractive for a working class people, hairdressers, market men and women and all Lagosians. This may be because of the strategic computer village.

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Getting an office Space in Lekki is a combination of class, poise and creativity. Offices in Lekki offer opportunities to a wide range of businesses. Since it’s located on the Lagos Island, you can be sure of patronage from a good number of people. Lekki also houses a lot of fun spots. Offices in Lekki appeal mostly to working-class people and the creme de la creme of the society

Victoria Island 

Like Lekki, Victoria Island is highly sophisticated and you can be sure of selling your goods at profitable prices, and meeting people. Apart from this, your services will be rendered for so much value. Your target here is also working class middle aged people and wealthy people.


This is a major link in Lagos. Gbagada can be easily accessed by Islanders and mainlanders. So Gbagada is a win win location. You will have patronage from the Island clients and the mainland clients. Gbagada is also quite sophisticated, however, it houses a lot of residential apartments. So Gbagada can be a good grocery or household items market. Beauty products will also thrive there.


This central point in Lagos. All classes of people live in Surulere. Also, you can get different age ranges to patronise your goods and services. The win thing about Surulere is that if you want to access a group of young people, it is a sure place. Because it is easily acessible to Unilag students, Yabatech students, Federal College of education students and Queens College Students among others. Doing business is Surulere is diversified so you can reach more people.

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Now that you know where to get your office spaces, do that now and enjoy the benefits of having an office space.


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