Do You Have These in Your Living Room?

Your living room is your most public space in your apartment. It is where you welcome, entertain and host family and friends, making it a must that this room should have more decorative and personalized touches than any area in your house. Here is a rundown of my top 9 features you should have in your living room:

1. Throw pillows

Throw pillows should be a must in your living room! No matter how comfy your couch is, you can never go wrong with some comfy throw pillows. They can be used as extra back support as well as nice decor accessory. All in all, throw pillows are a great way to bring in pops of colours, fun fabrics and comfort into your living room.


2. A comfy rug

A nice rug makes any living room look and feels inviting. Go for a rug with a soft texture and one that feels cosy under your feet.  The common mistake most people make is using a centre rug way smaller than their room space. Ensure you take into consideration the size of your living room and the furniture you have in it when choosing a center rug.

3. Go Green!

Healthy looking plants are a feature every living room should have. Plants are so versatile, they look awesome in any type of décor or style. You just need to pick the right plant for you. There are also some really nice and stylish clay pots you can put them in. (they are mostly sold in the Ikeja GRA environs). Also, if you do not want living plants, yu can make do with some green, artificial plants too.

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4. A sanctuary for books

If you are a book person like me, this “sanctuary” idea for your books would be a lovely idea. you can put up a shelf or a side table and place a few bestsellers on it. You don’t have to make it anything out of the ordinary, remember, simplicity is good!

5. Window treatments

An empty or tacky window space is a living room disaster! Ensure you dress your window space with blinds or elegant curtains to really accentuate the room. Curtains are lovely at giving a living room. character and they are a wonderful way of introducing colour and bold patterns. Pick an eye-catching look for your living room curtains. If they are just simple and bare, they’ll simply disappear into the background. Get creative!


6. Let’s talk walls

A gallery of nice picture frames, an eye-catching artwork, a big mirror on your wall, can be a great focal point. Choose to hang up decorative pieces that will make your living room totally your style. For a living room to look and feel homey, it should include something personal like some family photos or art pieces you cherish. Without these little details, the room would feel cold and less welcoming. However, endeavour not to go overboard, minimal can still be very classy

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7. Color pop

Paint your walls with neutral palettes and a little pop of colour.This is the key to an instant uplift. Stick to a colour palette or tone, though as you do not want to be distracted with tonnes different colours in your living room

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8. Let there be Light!

There is something so warm and inviting about ambient lighting in a room. A little lighting or a bold statement chandelier (whichever you choose) goes a long way. If you do not have a tonne of natural light, you can bring in 1 or 2 table lamps to set the mood for your space. Lamps are essential because they act as strong points of visual interest in a room and they also generate good lighting, which is incredibly important.

9. Seating plan

Whether you are working with a small or large space, it is important to think about the layout you want your seating to take. However, when you decide, make sure the seating arrangements gives way to have easy conversations. Also, ensure that the seats are comfortable. Do your family and friends like to linger in your living room? Are the couch and chairs too stiff or not cosy enough? If your answer to both questions is yes, you may want to make some rearrangements as comfortability is everything! Make your family and guests feel welcome and want to stay for a while! You can also make alternative seating available like bean bags if you do not want to crowd your living room with too much furniture.

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