Top 5 Reasons Young Men Struggle to Rent Apartments

“E dey pain me say I no dey on my own”Tony says as he gists his friends about his weekend get away. As a young man, he feels he has been denied a level of freedom by staying with his parents. He wants to be a man – a real man. But the circumstances surrounding him still makes him feel like a mummy’s boy, which he is not. “I no fit wait for the time wen I go comot for my Papa house” he smiles as he tells Milez in a promising manner.

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Like Tony, most young men who stay with their parents have a sense of limitation. The feel they are withdrawn and can not maximise their potentials. Below are the top 5 reasons why men struggle to rent their own apartments:

  • To have a sense of Freedom
  • To Improve Productivity
  • To be respected by their women
  • To have a sense of responsibility
  • To act like a big bad guy

To have a sense of Freedom
Men are created to meet up to a particular expectation. Most men think that they should not be limited. Staying with parents means that you have to follow the rules, even when you don’t like them. Some of these rules may be; you must not stay out until 7pm; you must not bring a girl to the house; you must wake up at 4:30 am. To guys, some of these rules are limiting and annoying.

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To Improve Productivity
The family as a unit derives pleasure in oneness. Some young men feel that they are giving too much to the family at a moment they need to concentrate on their career and make money before building their own nuclear family. Although I do not totally agree with this, staying alone to most young men means more productivity and privacy. They get a sense of control of their lives.

To be respected by their women
Women respect men that live alone and are able to live their lives in an orderly and responsible manner. It’s not the fact that the man is paying rent that matters, it is the fact that he has something he is committed to that he pays from time to time diligently. Apart from this, most young women will prefer to date a man that has his own apartment no matter how small the place. This may not be a general mindset, but it is peculiar to a special category of women.


I remember a lady, who told me that she went to her admirer’s house with one of her friends and that when she got there because the house was set, her friend made it compulsory for her to date the guy because his house is set and his pocket is on point.It’s still about the fact that the young man has an apartment.

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To have a sense of responsibility
One very powerful synonym for responsibility is the word “duty”. I called it powerfully because it becomes inevitable for you to do somethings.
This grooms a man and makes him ready to face other circumstances in life. He becomes responsive to what the society expects of him and strives to meet up to expectation. He acts well in most situations, he is no longer a child.

To act like a big bad guy
There’s this feeling of fulfillment and ego that comes with living alone. An average Nigerian guy living alone feels like a boss or Don. It’s like a chieftaincy title. So most guys struggle all the way to live alone. All guys want to join the don team.

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