What Lagos Landlords Should Know about Lagos Tenants

The break of dawn brings with it a new day. As necessary as it is for the sun to rise and the morning rays kiss the solid earth, so is a roof over the head of a man. Over the centuries, history has lectured us on how seeking for a safe abode has always been of topmost priority for man. From the construction of tents, climbing up the ladder to the emanation of luxury homes, the quest for a safe and peaceful abode to be sheltered in has never taken the backseat in the life cycle of humans. This is why for some, paying some amount of money to an individual to secure shelter for a stipulated period of time is a step worth taking.

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In such cases, the individual who receives the money for the shelter provided is ‘referred to as ‘Mr Landlord  or in a more popular term ‘Oga Landlord’. While the individual who pays for the shelter provided is referred to as the ‘tenant’. Well as it turns out, both parties will have to find a way to be best of pals, more like cakes and birthdays. So it is expedient they learn their roles and what they should expect from each other if both parties want a white flag to continually hover over their heads.

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“Oga landlord” should principally understand and come to terms with the fact that the tenant is also human, and as such should be treated with dignity and respect. No Homosapien wants to be seen, perceived or treated as inferior or irrelevant. So if there is to be a smooth relationship between both parties, a great level of mutual respect ought and should exist between them.


The tenant as well as ‘Oga Landlord” should learn to exhibit mutual understanding in cases where the agreement could be breached due to unforeseen circumstances such as an economic crisis, or in a worst case scenario, the tenant is stripped off his/her job thereby losing the means of livelihood. When challenging situations such as these arise, the individual providing the shelter should be reasonable enough to walk a mile or two in the shoes of the tenant.


As a consequence, an agreement should be reached to either ease the method of payment or allow the tenant an extended period of time with which the payment can be made. On the other hand, the tenant should as well assess the situation from the landlord’s perspective if he/she does not want the thunder that will strike to come from the ‘other room’. That was on a lighter note anyways. On a more serious note to avoid throwing a spanner in the works, if there arise a breach agreement with any of the parties being the defaulter, both should be reasonable enough to ensure the best possible outcome in order to maintain a convalescent relationship.

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While it is not always easy to maintain such tenant-landlord relationship, it doesn’t also mean that it is impossible to do so. Which is why at we are in the business of providing apartments for rent that are customer sensitive and ensure the best possible outcome of a tenant-landlord relationship. It is also not out of place for us to scribble our name somewhere in between the life story of our customers by providing you a dream home that provides the best value for money. All of this could happen in one click.

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