10 Reasons You Should Invest In Office Spaces

Babajide has just got stuck in the mud. As much as he struggled to remove his leg. He got deeper into the mud. It’s another rainy day in September. He just had to bear the pains. He has been doing his webzine business for three years now. He is quite successful, but he could have done better with an office.

He has no car either. He has been saving all his profit to invest in the social media. It’s either one promotion for his brand or another. But he is not broke. He still resides in a three-bedroom flat at Lekki. He can still afford to buy designers shirts, shoes, and trousers. He has about two million Naira in his account. And he will make more money in the next few months.


He started his webzine as an undergraduate and he named it Africa’s coolest. He has carefully and painfully laid what he dreams to be number one in Africa in a few years time. Yet, there are times he gets so disappointed that he felt the idea won’t work. But the more he felt that way, the better he grew. The webzine grew, but it was below his expectation. He knew he was doing some right things the wrong way. He really needs to figure this out.

First, he felt it was the car. Yes, the car – that is what is responsible for his present predicament. He almost forgot that he was already stuck in the mud. But he needs to think. Since there are no means of help. He needs to figure out what brought him to this position. If he has a car, he wouldn’t be here. It still boils down to investing his best in his webzine. Two weeks ago, a group of China investors, who got interested in the magazine had called him for a meeting. They requested to meet with him in his office, but so bad he had no office.

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He was shocked at their request, maybe they wanted to prove the authenticity of his business, but his bedroom is his office. He thought of inviting them over to a friend’s office but that will only question his integrity. So he summoned the courage to tell them that he had none. They invited him to meet with them in their office in Nigeria. He felt bad. But he felt that he could not get an office space within two days. How would he even bring down the office furniture to the location? If only he had known ToLet t the right time, the possibility will have been so glaring.


Now, he figured out that his problem was not just a car, but a good office space. For the past two years, he has decided not to buy a car to save a major part of his saving. He felt a car would be a liability to him. Many do not agree with him, but that’s his philosophy. He knows he would only pay for his office space yearly and we would make three times his profit. He felt bad because he had been cheating himself for a long time. He decided to consider the benefits of an office in ten sentences:

  1. I will make more money
  2. My business has more prestige
  3. Investors can visit me
  4. I won’t have to visit my clients one after the other
  5. I won’t have to spend more on expensive meeting places with clients
  6. I can employ more people
  7. I will have a precise location
  8. I will have a sense of responsibility
  9. I will promote the economy
  10. And of course, I won’t be in such a difficult situation anymore
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He sighed. He remembered that he had been in the mud for almost for almost thirty minutes now. And nobody was passing by, he wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, he wanted to laugh. He said a short prayer in his heart. It was as if his prayers were answered immediately. Two young men came out of a bungalow not far from him. They pitied him and told him that residents in the area do not take that part. It looks like a smooth ground but it’s a muddy ground that deceives its victims. Two planks were passed to Jide. The young men carefully came to his rescue.

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He had wasted two hours. He called Mr. Jim Chan, the head of the committee that he won’t be able to attend the meeting. The were disappointed but rescheduled another day for the meeting.

His day was already wasted. He narrated his ordeal to his girlfriend Layo, who narrated three easy steps to get an office space to him. In one hour he got the best office space in his area on He inspected and paid for the office the next day. His furniture was transported to the location the same day by moveme. He called Mr. Jim Chan and reschedule the meeting to his new office address. Mr. Chan was amazed at the miracle office. He was more impressed and believed in Jide more. Jide spent a lot, but he made a lot more.

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