5 Factors To Consider When Renting An Apartment

Whether you’ve just got a new job or you’re about to get married, the thought of becoming independent begins to come to mind and, then, the quest for an apartment you can rent.  It’s not always the money to get a new property that hinders most people from getting their own apartment but, much more, the dilemma of where to relocate to.

When deciding where to live or get an apartment, there are crucial factors you should put into consideration. Don’t only consider the cost of the property or just the level of security. There are other factors which I have listed out in detail as follows.




Given the state of power generation in Nigeria, it’s a fact that most locations do not have access to reliable power supply. When I say ‘reliable’, I don’t mean 24/7 power supply but instead, a regular pattern of power supply, say, specific days of ‘on’ and ‘off’. Depending on the use of a generator, in an area with little or no power supply, would amount to more expenses for you.


Most people give little consideration to this. In this era of internet, where the available jobs require access to the internet and require you to work virtually, you should ensure that the area you choose to live has good enough network not just to make or receive calls but also to connect to the internet.

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 Proximity to where you work

This is one crucial factor that most people readily put into consideration. However, in a city like Lagos, Nigeria, most people work on the Island and live on the very distant mainland preferring to encounter the frustrating traffic along Third Mainland bridge instead of facing the high cost of living on the Island. Nevertheless, there are still affordable and nearby places to live in Lagos and close to the Island. 

 Leisure places


One thing I would never overlook when relocating is the availability of places for leisure. There is nothing as fun as having a cinema not too far away, a sport center or club nearby. Find out vacant apartments in locations having these features here.


There could be times when you are not disposed to cook, hence, you should ensure that there are decent restaurants around. Also look out for nice eateries where you can take your special visitor, fiancee or female friends to whenever you feel like hanging out.

Hope you found this useful? Also read Where to Live: Lagos Island or Lagos Mainland? Kindly share your comments below with other PropertyPro readers.

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