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5 Tips for Choosing Area Rugs for Your Home

Any type of floor can be marvellous in any room of your home, but sometimes it is of importance to spice it up with fancy area rugs. These rugs help bring out the shape of your furniture by tucking them neatly under furniture edges and they warm up the room floor during winter. Area rugs come in different sizes, styles and colours.


Area rugs have become an important element of home decorations, especially for modern buildings. Don’t be over excited when purchasing your area rugs as all of it sizes, shapes and colour are very much inviting. It is advisable you go for high-quality natural fibres but tends to be more expensive, or any other quality materials that will be easy to clean.

Check out the 5 tips for choosing area rugs below;


1. Size and shapes

Rugs Size and shapes

The area rug size can change the overall appearance of your room. A mere different in inches measurement can change the rug function and style. Area rugs underneath a table should be large enough to accommodate all of the chairs around the table. Avoid small rugs that can only accommodate a small sofa or parts of the chair in the living room, it makes the furniture appear like an unnecessary enhancement. A border of about 18 to 36 inches should be around the edge of the area the rug will cover. Square rooms look great with square rugs and rectangular rugs fit best for a rectangular shaped structure.

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2. Rug Colour

Rug Colour

Colour is one of the important factors to consider when buying an area rug. It is important that the colour of your proposed area rug match with the colour of the floor and furniture in the room. Rugs with light colour will brighten up the room and make it seems larger while darker colours make you feel comfortable. Rugs regulate room temperatures and as such bright coloured rugs help keep the room warm. Dark colours should be used in areas with heavy traffic like a workplace or public walkways, as dirt is less obvious in darker patterns.

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3. Rug Material

rug material

Careful consideration should be given to factors such as the amount of traffic, ease of maintenance and location of the rug before purchase. Depending on your budget and for how long you will be using the rug, good quality rugs materials such as silk or wool are best deals. Cotton rugs don’t last for a longer period of time and it is inexpensive. Area rug materials can be manufactured from wool, nylon, polypropylene, silk, synthetic and cotton.

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4. Rug Function

rug function

Decide which part of the house the rug will be used, whether it is the dining, living room or bedroom. For rugs in messy area or children playing areas such as the living room, synthetic material or a dirt absorbent will be a great fit. The area rug placement should be considered before purchase. A silk material is recommended for an area rug that will be used for entrance or open spaces.


5. Pattern (High Pile vs Low Pile)

rug pile

It is of importance to know what kind of file you want for your rug; low, medium or high. Low-pile rugs are the best for dirt prone areas because it is easier to clean and less expensive than high pile rugs. For maximum comfortability and luxurious experience, rugs with longer piles are the best deals. Rugs with stitches and closer tufting last longer as well.

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The above list will help you make the right choice when choosing your area rug and save you time, money and energy.



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  1. Living rooms really can be transformed by the perfect rug. Whether it’s injecting some extra colour and warmth, or helping accent those elements in your interior, there’s so many benefits to a living room rug.

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