5 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling Fast

The process of selling a house here in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria can be quite stressful. Every home seller or real estate agent derives joy in selling a property off fast. However, a lot of home sellers feel frustrated trying to sell off a house especially when it begins to take longer than expected.

Maybe you have followed all the laid down rules of selling a house. From depersonalizing your space, decongesting the house, cleaning thoroughly and fixing everything that needs repair and yet you are still unable to sell your home. Of course, you are wondering what you are not doing right and how to fix the problem.  

The truth is that getting a buyer to close a sales deal isn’t one of the simplest tasks to pull off. Inasmuch as every home seller wants their property to be hot in the real estate marketplace, selling a house isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You get to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not the property will actually be sold off at all.

Bottom line, there are various factors that can affect the saleability of a house. This could be negative or positive. Howbeit, when you observe that selling your house is beginning to take too long, there are certainly important elements that should be properly checked to ensure your oversight isn’t the reason why the house is not selling fast.

That being said, there are numerous reasons why you may be finding it difficult to sell a house. However, in most cases, these factors are as simple as they come and can be fixed. Here are 5 reasons why your house isn’t selling fast.

High prices

selling a property, buying a house

In selling a house, your price is one of the major reason why you may or may not retain a potential buyer. Once a buyer considers a home as overpriced, no matter the sales strategy or marketing plan you try to implement, it just might not work at the end of the day. Good pricing attracts buyers regardless of other factors.

If you are trying to sell your home fast, it is advisable not to set fixed prices, always leave room for negotiations. There is really nothing much a real estate agent can do if the property is overpriced. Good pricing helps make sales and marketing plans easier for the agent or home sellers.

Poor marketing

selling a property, buying a house

Your property marketing plan is another important factor that can keep your property unsold for as long as. Times have changed and the real estate marketplace has experienced an evolution. In that, the marketing strategy used when selling a house just go beyond traditional methods. A property seller or real estate agent should refine his or her skills to suit modern times.

The arrival of the internet has resulted in a shift in the attention of young property buyers. Most people search for houses for sale online. Thanks to online real estate listing platforms like you can put up your property for sale online without stress. There are also social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others where you can leverage and advertise your property.

Real estate agent

selling a property, buying a house

The real estate market has thousands of real estate agents who help in buying and selling of properties in different parts of the world. All of these agents are different and have varying strategies that they believe works for them. They communicate and negotiate differently, this is why deciding on the real estate agent to sell your property is as important as selling the property.

This is the reason why home sellers are advised to work with experienced real estate agents who understand how the real estate market works. There are lots of things a realtor can help you put in place that will help you in selling your house faster. Some of which include proper home staging.

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selling a property, buying a house

In the real estate industry, location is everything. Location is the reason you will inflate the price of a property and still attract potential buyers. Typically, when a property is a prime location, the price is expected to be higher than in other locations. The location factor doesn’t just affect when selling a house but it also affects the rate of property appreciation.

However, the problem with the location is that it is not as easy to fix. The only visible solution will be to fix every other factor and wait it out.

Low picture quality

The quality of the pictures used when advertising is mostly not put into consideration. However, this is the digital age and people are drawn by what they can see.

Regardless of whether you are advertising on a real estate listing site or on any of the social media platforms, it is important to make use of professional pictures. The advantage of these pictures is that they help potential buyers to see what they want and the different parts of the house. The pictures could help showcase the strong points of the house.

There you go, the 5 reasons why selling a house may seem more difficult than usual. Kindly share your thoughts with other


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