Why you need the services of a Lawyer to Rent or Buy a Property

Housing in Nigeria can be really stressful. Considering the number of frauds recorded in the past ten years, especially, in places like Lagos, Abuja, and Ibadan, one would try as much as possible to prevent fraud when it comes to possessing or renting properties. One way of averting such dangers is to employ the services of a professional Lawyer or a property company, below are the top reasons to employ these services, Read on!


You know little or nothing about property law

One of the most complicated courses in Law is property law. In fact, some property cases spend up to 15 years in court. To verify the property features such as: ensuring it is free from government acquisition; that it has a proper certificate of occupancy; that you would get the deed of assignment and other important documents, you need the services of a  property company or a lawyer.


An agent or a lawyer is essential in negotiating with both parties, the buyer, and the seller. Signing property papers can be a lot of work. Sometimes you need the services of a lawyer so as not to leave out the important documents and face the unimportant ones. In some cases, where the papers are not complete, the lawyer creates an agreement which makes the buyer delay part of the payment till the papers are complete.

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Locating a property or an apartment to rent may be very stressful. Patronizing unknown persons, companies or agents has led many to serious cases of fraud, to get a property, one needs a professional house agent or company that deals with both agents and lawyers. Most times, when you have no idea of the environment where you want to acquire a property, it is like you are in a hurricane, a flood or a tornado zone. Getting genuine apartments to rent or a property to buy in Lagos can be a lot of work, and you can reduce the burden by employing the services of leading housing organizations in Nigeria.

You may need a bank loan (mortgage) to finance your property

If this is the case, you need a lawyer to verify all your papers. In a case of rent, you may be acquiring a loan from the organization you work with there would be no reimbursement if there is any case of fraud. This implies that you may have to pay the loan without getting the apartment you may not have access to any other loan in the next one or two years.

Getting a reliable agent can be very difficult. It is important to trace the history of the agent to ascertain that he/she has no record of fraud. The agent must have helped at least one or two people to get apartments.

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However, no matter how bad housing agents can be, lawyers still work hand in hand with them to get properties for clients. This means that they are important when it comes to housing. Nigeria’s leading online housing platform provides the services of good lawyers as well as that of very reliable agents. Click here to find out more about this!


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