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Home staging is the process of preparing a residential property for sale in the real estate market. The aim behind home staging is to make the home look sellable by making it attractive and interesting. The goal of home staging is to attract the right class of buyers, the residence is made to look and feel appealing as well as welcoming. Regardless of whether you are selling your house online or not, home staging is important.

One of the benefits of home staging is that it increases the value of your property. This means that you sell at a higher price due to the changes made in the house while preparing it for sale. Home staging involves preparing both the interior and exterior of the residence before putting it out for sale. Home staging increases your chances of selling a property faster and at a higher price.

Regardless of how to want to look at it, the process of home staging is a sales strategy. Home staging isn’t to totally disrupt the homeowner’s style but to expose the home’s best features to attract the best buyers. Preparation and presentation are prime factors to consider when trying to sell a property

Many homeowners have the belief that home staging is meant to cost a fortune. However, this is not always the case. There are a good number of home staging tips that you can do all by yourself and save cost. This article is aimed at providing your top 5 home staging tips regardless of your budget.

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Divide the staging into sections

One basic technique used to make home staging a lot easier is diving the staging into sections. Don’t rush in and try doing everything at the same time. Take time out to go through the process of outlining what the staging would look like. Where do you want to start? Divide them into sections. From the living room, dining, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway as well as the exterior of the house.

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Stay on a budget

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This is one of the foremost things to do the most you consider putting your house out for sale. Have a comprehensive list of things you need to buy and their costs respectively. Home staging isn’t about building your house from scratch. It simply has to do with updating your home. Fixing a few things where necessary and making sure the house looks appealing to the buyer.

This is why proper home maintenance is paramount. It saves you so much cost in situations like that. Decide of the amount you are willing to spend in the cause of revamping your home. Cut down on unnecessary things and try as much as you can do a lot by yourself. For instance, instead of paying labourers to cut the grass and clean up the compound, you can do this yourself or with friends.

Remember that it is small improvements that make all the difference at the end of the day. You may not have the funds to go for large-scale renovations but you can afford to make significant changes where it matters. This means you don’t always need to use a home staging company when you cannot afford one.

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Depersonalize your space

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Your house slowly stops being your home the moment you make the decision to put it out for sale in the real estate marketplace. While you might still want your favourite artwork or photos of you and your family hanging around, if you really want to attract potential buyers, you would have to take out these effects. They are quite personal and won’t make the buyer feel welcomed or see themselves living there with family.

To properly stage your home, you need to give to the buyer an opportunity to envision the space as theirs. Potential buyers need to be able to customize their own space without feeling like its being shared.

Home staging mistakes sometimes start with home sellers finding it difficult to let go of the space that was their home. Inasmuch as you put in great effort to make your house a home, bear in mind that taste and style differ from person to person. Take out personal effects and declutter the house.

Clean the house thoroughly

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If you are willing and ready to put in the work, this is something you can do by yourself or with the help of friends and family. Especially if you are staging your house on a budget and intend to stick it. Clean the house thoroughly from the exteriors to the interiors. Pay attention to every detail, remember you want to make a good impression at all times.

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Ensure the floor is sparkling clean, clean up the pipes, wash the glass and curtains, clean other appliances as well. Try not to use disinfectants that have strong smells as well. No potential buyer wants to settle for buying a house that looks scrappy and untidy.

Fix and repair

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It is unfair to sell your problems to someone else in the name of a house. Anyone buying or renting a house in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria knows how stressful it can get. No one wants to spend more on repairs after the primary cost of buying a property. If a potential buyer finds out he will be spending a whole lot on repairs, chances are he would go for another property. These are some home staging secrets home sellers should take note of.

These little repairs will make your home stand out completely. Have a list of things that need to be fixed. Check the pipes, faucets, sinks, flush, HVAC, lightening system, and every other appliance. Ensure you replace the ones that are worn out and can’t be repaired.

There are lots of things to consider when putting your house out for sale. Home staging is an important aspect of the sales process. However, these are a few tips that can help you get by. Kindly share your thought with other readers. 



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