5 Safest States in Northern Nigeria (UPDATED)

When deciding on where to reside, safety is one of the most important factors to consider. The sense of safety in every neighbourhood influences a lot in the lives of people living there especially their health. It is, however, no news that northern Nigeria is currently not one of the most desired locations to live in. This is mostly as a result of the impact of the scourge of the Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen.


However, contrary to what most Nigerians believe, not all states in the North are facing security and terrorist challenges. There are some states in this region have continued to experience peace and safety. This article shares some insight into the northern part of Nigeria as well as safest states in Northern Nigeria. Let’s start with a brief history of the Northern side of Nigeria.


Brief history of Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria was a subdivision within the country, this region was independent as their had their own foreign relations, customs and security structures. However, in 1962, it became a province within Northern Nigeria. The Nok Culture was the dominant culture in this part of Nigeria and some ancient artefacts were discovered in places like Zaria, Sokoto, Kano and others.

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The Northern Protectorate gained independence as an entity in 1953. The Northern Nigeria Protectorate was granted independence before the country as a whole gained it’s in 1960. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa became the first and only premier of the Northern Nigeria region.

Ever since life in the Northern part of Nigeria has been untroubled. Low cost of living was also another reason why there was a high influx of people moving to the north. However, in recent time the problem of terrorism in Northern Nigeria has caused people to migrate to other parts of the country for peace.

The Safest States in Northern Nigeria

A. Jigawa State

jigawa, northern nigeria

Jigawa State is one of the states in Northern Nigeria. Although the state is bordered to the northeast by Yobe which faces insurgency time and again, Jigawa remains one of the safest northern states in Nigeria. The Boko Haram, as well as the Fulani Herdsmen, have not been able to triumph in this state.  

B. Sokoto State

sokoto, northern nigeria

This happens to be one of the safest cities in Nigeria. The Sokoto Caliphate which is mainly predominated by Fulani, the city still experiences peace and calm. There has hardly been any conflict between tribes, cultist or religious groups. Residents of the Sokoto State have nothing to worry about in terms of security. There are also lots of opportunities in the state, most residents engage in various types of agricultural practices as well as fishing and fish production

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C. Kebbi State

kebbi, northern nigeria

Kebbi State which was formerly a part of Sokoto State was created in 1991 is subdivided into Argungu, Yauri, Zulu and Gwandu-the four emirates. The state is arguably one of the places in the north that is safe and serene. Another interesting advantage of living in Kebbi State is the low cost of living enjoyed by residents here.

D. Bauchi State

bauchi, northern nigeria

Residents of Bauchi State enjoy their peace and safety at its maximum. Although is it located next to Yobe and Gombe, surprising it is one of the Northern states that haven’t experience the problem of Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen. Most corp members who were deployed to Yobe were redeployed to Bauchi State because of the safety it has to offer.

E. Niger State

niger, northern nigeria

The state is a haven for peace and offers overall safe neighbourhoods. Famous for being a tourism state, Niger state houses the four major hydroelectric dams in Nigeria including the well known Kainji Dam. The state is one of the safest states in the northern part of Nigeria and is also the Power State. Although it was once attacked in 2017, the insurgency was unsuccessful as the bombs were defused in the state capital, Minna.

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There you have it, the top 5 safest states in Northern Nigeria. If you are planning on visiting or relocating, you should consider some of these. Kindly share your thoughts with other readers


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