Top 5 Safest Cities to Live in Nigeria

Despite the recent threats to security in the country, there are still many safe cities in Nigeria. In choosing a place to live, safety is very important. We rated some cities as the safest cities in Nigeria by a combination of factors like low crime rates, good housing facilities, quality educational facilities and good amenities. In terms of security, these cities are best cities to live in Nigeria. They have good infrastructure as well as beautiful tourist centres making them finest cities in Nigeria.


These are 5 safest cities in Nigeria that will provide you with the lifestyle that is secure enough for you:

  • Lagos city
  • Calabar city
  • Ibadan city
  • Abuja city
  • Uyo city

Lagos City


Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital has a big population. She is a blooming capital city with lots of economic, social, and cultural attractions. Even though Lagos looks over-crowded, it is still the safest city in Nigeria. The state government spends a huge sum on its security, providing well-equipped response patrol cars and different security units around the city. With so many residents and a fast-growing real estate market, Lagos remains a safe place to live. It has low crime rate, no religious crisis, wonderful parks, environmental supporters and friendly people. And it is one of the most developed Nigerian cities in terms of infrastructure.

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Calabar City


Calabar is a desirable location to live, do business, look for jobs, and to raise a family.  Her recent economic prosperity and tourism growth strengthen its safety and development. There are excellent security measures with numerous police stations in every area of the city. Calabar is often referred to as the people’s paradise, it is no doubt one of the safest places to live in Nigeria.

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Ibadan City


Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital rose to dominance in the early 19th century. After it came into existence in 1829, Since then, it has become one of the best places to live in Nigeria. With a population of over 3 million, it is the most populous city in the state, and the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area. Apart from that, it is one of the safest cities to live in Nigeria. The authorities managed to achieve a fairly low crime rate. The police system is well structured and the security measures are advanced. It’s close proximity to Lagos has made Ibadan a choice real estate location. The developed economy and infrastructure has helped numerous Nigerian families to find a new secure home in Ibadan.

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Abuja City


Built in the 1980’s Abuja has risen to become one of the most prominent cities in Nigeria – nay the most prominent city, as it is the capital of Nigeria. It houses the president and every lawmaker in the country, which has provided the city with well-structured security measures and mobile policemen who are seen all over the city. This is one place in Nigeria where residents have little or nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety.

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Uyo City



Uyo’s rapid developmental growth puts residents at ease. There is a huge amount of budget that is set in tackling crime, equipping the police and soldiers in ensuring that everywhere is safe to reside. This city is blessed with scenic attractions, beautiful hotels and unique cuisines. The unique infrastructures in Uyo have not only proven that it is a beautiful city, but it is also a secured place to live in Nigeria.

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Recognizing Additional Safe Havens

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While the aforementioned cities highlight Nigeria’s dedication to safety, it’s important to acknowledge other significant contributors to the country’s secure environment. Cities such as Owerri and Benin City, while not ranking in the top five, play crucial roles in bolstering Nigeria’s overall safety standards.


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