7 Factors To Consider When Finding An Apartment

As you check through online real estate sites in search of your dream apartment, you may be in dilemma of which apartment to settle for since picture descriptions are not always sufficient. 

Aside from the pictures you find, you should also read through the description to get more details. However, descriptions of different properties could look alike.

To aid your search, I have written the following factors you should look out for when in search of an apartment online or offline.





You will be doing yourself so much deprivation to rent an apartment in an area with little or no electric supply. Be mindful as such apartments exist. So, inquire from the neighbourhood about the nature of electricity in the area and also ensure that your landlord has been subscribed to it.


Well, you can live in a fine house but trust me it is less than a dream house if the area of location lacks good network. I understand this is a minute thing people put into consideration but as new houses are being developed in new sites like Mowe, Ibafo, along Ibadan expressway, you have to ensure this since most of these new sites are far from network coverage.

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Good Road

find an apartment

Hmm…I’m already pitying you if you’ve just bought a nice car and you intend renting a beautiful apartment but in an area with a bad road. No try am o! Well, not only will your car get sick but you will have to keep spending on its ‘hospital bills’. So, good road matters too.

Traffic Jam

Okay, you never saw this coming, right? Find out the time it takes to commute from your house to work everyday. If it is elongated by traffic jam, then, you should be ready to spend more on fuel and plan to get back home feeling too stressed to give your wife her long-awaited kiss.

 Parking Space

Parking space

Seems like I am addressing mostly car-owners. However, I’m figuring out the fact that just as you are taking the leap to renting an apartment you would also want to take the leap to buy a vehicle soon. Therefore, I suggest that you ensure that there is space available for parking your vehicle.



If you’re leaving in an estate, then, good for you as most housing estates employ security services. But if it isn’t an estate, then, you should ensure that the area is at least free from frequent burglars or armed robbers.

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