Do All Nigerians Live In Huts?

The question, “Do all Nigerians live in huts”, recently went viral with different comments on the internet. Then one wonders if it is true. The single story about Africa as a poor continent comes to play here. Therefore, it is quite logical in that sense that someone would ask if all the people in Nigeria – the Giant of Africa – live in huts. For a country with a population of over 170 million, that is among the top 15 oil producing countries in the world, the question will always seem funny. Nigeria is one of the 54 countries on the continent, the most populous black nation in Africa, and the world. The country is home to one of the fast-growing cities in the world: Lagos-Nigeria, with people chasing the Nigerian Dream.


What is a hut?

There are various definitions or descriptions given as to what a hut is or not. For instance, a hut is described as a small house with only one or two rooms, especially one that is made of wood, mud, grass, or stones. It is also considered to be a primitive dwelling that is constructed by using local materials like grass, mud and wood. Whichever way one chooses to see it, either primitive or not, there are certainly similarities in both descriptions of a hut. That is, it is often made with local or substandard materials.

The ideas of what huts use to be years ago have changed. Huts are no longer considered primitive as most definitions make it seem. The kind of structures in which people live has evolved over years – from huts to concrete houses, bungalows, duplex, flats etc., and Nigeria as a country is not left out of this evolution.

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Types of huts

There are different types of huts today, and on the list below are some of the huts you can find: Mountain hut, Log Cabin, Wilderness hut, Roundhouse among others.

Mountain Huts

Mountain Huts as the name depicts are huts located high in the mountains. They are accessible by foot and often intended to provide food and shelter to climbers and hikers. These days, it is not usual to see huts on mountains for the purpose of providing shelter and food. It also serve as a simple sleeping bed. They are often staffed, in order to ensure adequate maintenance and sometimes prepare meals.

Log Cabin

Log Cabin is another type of hut constructed using logs, especially less finished woods or materials. These are the types of huts people have in their farms. The Log Cabin is often associated with the first generation home building by settlers.

Wilderness hut

Wilderness huts are the kind of huts one can find in wild areas and national parks. This kind of shelter are often free, simple structures, with the aim of providing temporary accommodation. There are no guarantees for water or other basic needs because they are free and not staffed.

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Roundhouse huts

A roundhouse hut is what people often think of when they refer to huts. The roundhouse hut is a type of hut with a circular plan, usually with a conical roof, often made of mud. It is the kind of structures most rural areas have in time past because the early dwellers made do with the resources available. However, they are built these days in luxury hotels and parks as relaxation spots.


With newer technologies in the digital age, where you can be somewhere and be everywhere. For a question of this nature, asked over the internet, one might just take it like a pinch of salt. Nollywood is the Nigerian movie industry and it’s only behind both Bollywood and Hollywood. To think these movies portray the images of the country, then you begin to wonder how someone arrives at such question.

This does not mean there are no huts in Nigeria but to have a notion that all Nigerians live in huts is false. Most houses or structures in Nigeria are tailored to the best of modern architecture. Lagos being the most populous city in Nigeria, is home to over 10 million people and houses that accommodate them. The city is divided into two: the Lagos mainland and the Lagos Island. For instance, on the Lagos Island are skyscrapers and other forms of structures that are both for residential and commercial purpose. Same goes to the structures on the mainland too. This is definitely the case too in other parts of the country. Then, the question beckons, where do you get to see huts in Nigeria. Of course, there are huts in Nigeria, but the question is, do people live in them? No! Depending on where you visit in Nigeria, luxury hotels are some of the places you can see huts, and they are usually for relaxation.

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Though one might argue if there are no huts in the rural areas of the country. There are huts, but mostly in the remote rural areas, which serve as homes to people or storage facilities. The more accessible rural areas that use to be an abode for huts are now being renovated. While others still build huts in their farms in order to relax during or after work. If you are still not convinced still that all Nigerians live in huts, you can just take time out to search for “houses in Nigeria”.

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