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Features of Luxury Houses in Nigeria

Luxury is synonyms with elegance. Luxurious properties are well built and strategically located. They are also embodiments of class, style, plush resplendent. Despite the economic constraints, there are still a good number of luxury properties in Nigeria.

These houses epitomise royalty, opulence, and extreme extravagance from to gate to the store. Most luxury houses are serviced apartments, they are usually located in a well-secured environment with good tarred roads, street lights and good drainage systems. The interior furnishings are plush.

Luxury properties bring to mind a picture of plenty conveniences such as pools, saunas, in-home gyms, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, and fully-stocked kitchens. When shopping for their new abode, lovers of beauty, look out for elegant apartments. With so many luxury real estate locations in the country, executive mansions in Nigeria are some of the country’s most beautiful and convenient properties.


Appreciation of the Property Value

In Nigeria, real estate is everything. It is one of the best- if not “the best” investment in the face of unstable economic conditions of the country. When it comes to luxury real estate, Value is the keyword. Any property sells well in luxury locations. Detached duplex, bungalow, blocks of flats, and studio apartments. The property will always remain valuable. So is a house that depicts royalty.  Appreciation is a constant factor in the Nigerian luxury real estate market.


Extra Features

Most luxury apartments possess a major swimming pool. For common homeowners, they would settle for swimming pools that are in the clubhouses. These apartments promote comfort at its peak. Some of them are serviced apartments with a near hotel experience. This is a state of solace achieved here. It’s one of the best experiences for every individual. They range from duplexes to studio apartment and mansions. Luxury speaks its own language always.

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A luxury real estate location is usually serene and peaceful. With little or no interference from neighbours, luxury properties are meant to afford you your privacy. You can be in a not created zone on the off chance that you want to be in a more peaceful environment. Since location is a good factor in real estate a well build house in a bad location may not be referred to as a luxury hub.

Be that as it may, for luxury homes, you have all the time in your life to plunge yourself. Truth be told, pools in these sorts of homes are even worked with outstanding outlines, flawless to give complexity to the proprietor. You resemble staying in a high-class inn.

Modern luxury kitchen

A top-notch kitchen is a must in a modern luxury home, blending function, luxury, and style seamlessly. Rich textures, bold colors, and exotic materials characterize these kitchens. Marble, granite, and even diamond accents can be found in islands, handles, and pantry areas.

Gourmet cooking in these kitchens is a joy with high-end appliances reminiscent of those in professional kitchens. Homeowners can confidently prepare meals and enjoy the process, often inviting others to join in. Technological advancements are integrated into these kitchens, making tasks easier. Smart refrigerators ensure food freshness, while automatic dishwashers streamline cleanup. Additionally, modern appliances are energy-efficient, a bonus for households with multiple cooks.

Modern luxury kitchen is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and technology, making cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.

Spa-Like Bathroom 

In modern luxury homes, bathrooms are more than just functional spaces. They are designed to help homeowners relax and unwind. Some bathrooms are equipped with luxurious features like overhead rain showers, sunken tubs, jacuzzis, and massage shower systems. These bathrooms also have temperature and pressure-controlled water systems, which is great for those who are sensitive to these factors.

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Luxury extends to the furnishings as well. Smart toilets are becoming more common, offering features like massaging bidets, heated seats, automated seat lifting, and even health tracking. While these features may seem complex, they enhance the overall bathroom experience.

To create a spa-like atmosphere, modern luxury bathrooms move away from cold white tiles and monochromatic colors. Instead, they use bold textures, rich hues, and exotic materials like glass, bamboo, and rattan. Mood lighting is used to set the ambiance, and brass or other aesthetically pleasing materials are used for bath spouts and taps to tie the look together.

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Secret Rooms

A unique feature of modern luxury homes is the inclusion of “secret” rooms, accessed through hidden doors or passages. These rooms add an element of surprise and adventure to the home, serving as a secure retreat or a private space away from the rest of the household.

Smart Home Monitoring System:

Modern luxury homes are equipped with cutting-edge network-connected systems, equipment, and appliances that can be remotely monitored for safety and security. This includes motion sensor lighting, internet-connected security cameras, and software connected to other utility systems in the home, all accessible via a smartphone or tablet app.

Walk-in Closets or Rooms:

Walk-in closets in modern luxury homes are more than just storage spaces; they are well-furnished extensions of the bedroom. They feature durable shelves and containers for organization, mirrors, proper lighting, and racks for displaying selected items.

Cozy, Well-Connected Home Theater:

Most high-end homes include a home theater or media room equipped with cinema-grade speakers, a large LED smart TV, and comfortable lounge and recliner chairs for optimal viewing. This space allows homeowners to enjoy a surround sound, cinematic experience at any time.

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Game Room:

A game room in a modern luxury home is a spacious area for entertainment, equipped with a pool or ping-pong table, shelves of classic and modern board games, multiple TV screens or monitors for gaming, and the latest video game console system.

Well-Furnished Home Office:

With more people working from home, modern luxury homes feature well-furnished home offices with the latest equipment and gadgets for productivity. These offices often include a phone system for conference calls, an all-in-one printer and scanner machine, ergonomic chairs, and a professional background for video calls.

Incredible Formal Spaces:

Formal spaces in modern luxury homes are characterized by high ceilings, mood and overhead lighting, furniture that can accommodate small gatherings, and an accent wall featuring art or sculpture. The color palette and large, cozy rugs tie the room together.

Architectural Details:

Modern luxury homeowners invest in architectural details both inside and outside the home. They appreciate craftsmanship and customization, ensuring beauty in every detail of the home.


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