Advice for First Time Home Buyers in Nigeria

Buying a house for timers can be a real job. Most first time home buyers feel that they are at the risk of losing so much due to inexperience. This may be true to an extent. The truth is, you do not even have to be ready to buy a house before learning what it entails to buy a house, you just have to desire to buy a house. So if you desire to buy a house in the future, it is advisable to check out the best pieces of advice for first time home buyers in this write-up. I will start by pointing out easy steps to buy a property.

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The best ways to start looking into buying a house for a first time home buyer is to follow these easy steps below:

First, be determined you want to buy a property.

Second, have a location in mind

Third, Check out properties for sale in your chosen location.

I have put together a few pieces of advice for the first time home buyers below;

Advice 1

Don’t ever be intimidated by the cost of a property. Even if the cost of the property is higher than your budget, you can go for inspection and work out something with the property owner.

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Advice 2

It is important to have a good payment plan. In Nigeria, most people do not like going for mortgages, but it helps, so, you can work out a mortgage plan. You can also contact the property owner and create a scheme that enables you to pay in instalments.

Advice 3

It is very important to do a market survey, compare the prices of other properties in your desired location as well as features that make some desired properties more expensive than the others.

Advice 4

Make Sure you Work with a Lawyer; Properties with C of O tend to be more expensive than those without C of O, but on the long run, a property with the adequate document is the best. A lawyer is very helpful in making a decision when it comes to buying properties.


You don’t need your capital to start looking out for properties. So check out properties for sale in Nigeria on here. You can start checking out for properties for sale in Nigeria now.

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