Five Must Have Items in a Mini Flat

A mini flat is an apartment consisting of a sitting room, a bedroom, a toilet, and a kitchen. Renting a mini flat in Nigeria has become the choice of many because it helps to save funds and escape the troubles of the Lagos face-me-I-face-you lifestyle.

Deviating from these causes, your Lagos mini flat can become an exquisite show of luxury. If you want to rent a mini flat apartment, create a fantasy of having a small resplendent abode. It’s inexpensive. Yes, it is. Let me show you how. You can buy your things in bits, but make sure you get these five first.

Check out the top five inexpensive ways to make your mini flat a magnificent abode below;


1. Curtains

beautiful curtains

Create such a beautiful and unique ambience in your mini flat with curtains. Lovely curtains are an inexpensive way to create a class in your tiny lovely space. Play around beautiful colours; be stylish. Try out pleats, tassels, crystals, beads or buttons to make your curtains unique. Stitches are not bad as well. Create an illusion of a majestic mini flat. You can also create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom using blinds to control sunlight or window treatments to protect your privacy.

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2. Mattress


Feel comfy with a good mattress, it costs just 18,000 NGN to 230,000 NGN. Some mattresses are orthopaedic. Buy what you can afford. Get a beautiful and colourful bed sheet, it will beautify your mattress no matter the quality. Your curtain colour may be similar to that of your bed sheet. Get beautiful and fluffy pillows as well. A beautiful evening in your cosy bedroom with your laptop tuned to a movie channel is a unique moment you will not forget this in a while.

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3. Air Conditioner/ Fan

air conditioner for mini falt

A well-ventilated environment is very important for good health. If you can afford to buy and air conditioner -awesome, if you can’t -cool still. Buy a good fan. It will add a little spark to the cosy atmosphere you want to create. This is one of the most important items needed in your mini flat.

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4. Home Theatre

home theatre

There are times you want to create a coliseum in your home. You just don’t want to miss that lovely experience, then get a home theatre. Apart for aiding a unique ambience, a home theatre can add beauty to your sitting room. So you get a plush mini flat. You think I am right? Try it. The commonly used term “Home theatre” refers to an audio and video equipment setup in your home that tries to duplicate the movie theatre experience.

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5. A Few Kitchen Equipments

basic kitchen equipment

Trying getting a few thing that will aid making a meal. You don’t need to buy very expensive things. You can only try to arrange them life a super chef to give your kitchen a lovely ambience. And you a royal feel. You can also get a mini kitchen fridge, fill it will a few drinks and fruits. You will surely feel like a king in a mini paradise. I mean, why have a kitchen if you won’t fill it up with affordable yet beautiful kitchen tools and appliances.  

You should remember you live in mini flat and you don’t have the space to fill your kitchen up with all the appliances and tools you’ll find in a standard restaurant kitchen, but you can still make your kitchen and your home you mini paradoise with tools and appliances that are suitable for the space you have.

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