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5 Basic Plans For Modern Kitchen Designs

According to Racheal Ray, “Good food and a warm kitchen make a house a home” and ” good kitchen skills they say is the path to a man’s heart”. The Kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, it serves as the headquarter of the house because it is required to perform a wide variety of functions than other places in the house. A good kitchen design will enhance meal preparation and promote the well-being of the house.


Deciding how to design your kitchen from countertops, flooring plans, kitchen utensils, accessories and we often forget that the kitchen has a different type of layout plans. Modern kitchen layouts are vastly different from each other, it should correspond the necessities and functions for setting up the kitchen. The kitchen is similar to a working space, in which productivity can only be guaranteed by the level of convenience therein. There are different types of kitchen plans that you can choose from when designing your house as long as it complements your personality.

Check 5 Basic Plans For Modern Kitchen Designs below;


1. Galley or Corridor Design

galley kitchen

Galley kitchen designs is a walk through type with cabinets on both sides, common for houses with numerous apartments and limited spaces. A galley kitchen is also known as corridor style, it often helps maximise tasks as you can work on multiple things at the same time from one position. Items in galley kitchens are not far from reach, cabinets can be reached from both sides just that this type can easily get crowded due to its walk-through design.

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2. Straight or One Wall Design

one wall kitchen

One wall kitchen design is the smallest design of kitchen layouts and it is ideal for smaller apartments or as an alternative kitchen in larger homes. One wall kitchen often combines kitchen appliances together due to its size and provides more space for cabinets. In straight wall kitchen plan, the cabinets are on a side while the working space is on the other side.

3. L-Shaped Design

l shaped kitchen

L-shape kitchen design is the common kitchen design ideas, it has corner storages, wall/base cabinet systems and allows for a walk through. This type of kitchen is ideal for larger apartments, its rows are diagonal to one another forming an L shape and providing lots of moving space. The L should be moderately lengthy, not be too long to avoid unnecessary amounts of travel.


4. U-Shaped Kitchen Design

u shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen offers more storage options and size than the L-shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen designs has three walls of appliances or cabinets and are suitable for any size of kitchen plan as t provides more storage options and workspace. U shaped are ideal for the kitchen that wants to maximise all available space, you can decide fix overhead cupboards and under the counter storage.

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5. G-Shaped Kitchen Design

g shaped

G-shaped kitchen designs are like a remodification of the U-shaped kitchen. This type of kitchen offers m ore storage space than any other type of kitchen designs, makes the room more inviting, less cramped and can get along with a small kitchen dining room.

Keep in mind that not all types of the kitchen can fit in for all types of house, but thoughtful planning will make you enjoy the best of your kitchen.



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