Make Sure Your First Home Has These

Finding the perfect first home can be quite an experience, it can also be an emotionally tasking ride. Which is why there is a need to properly define what you are looking for, distinguish between your needs and wants, factor in pricing and narrow in on the right and ideal home for you.

Regardless of the home to finally settle on, there are certain features and factors you want to make sure are present. Pools, an enormous backyard, and other attractive features are all wonderful bonuses but they should take a back seat when it comes to these top four things to make sure your first home has:



1. An affordable monthly expense

Although the exterior and location where your first home is positioned are of major importance, your monthly expenses on the property are very important.

Critically examine what your costs on the home monthly would be. This includes your mortgage, utilities, maintenance costs. Consider all possible expenses associated with the house, mortgage costs too should be included (for those who are running a mortgage plan). Also, account for possible expenses that you may not be able to foresee at the moment

If after you arrive at a value and the monthly expense on this home is going to create problems for you, you may want to consider finding another.

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2. Little or no maintenance

Maintenance costs can often be difficult to plan for, due to their unpredictable nature.

Consider the age of the home itself. If you picked an old home that hasn’t had a quality remodel since its initial construction, you may be in for excessive maintenance costs.

It’s always worth looking into newly constructed homes in your prospective area of living as these new homes leave you with less needed maintenance down the line.


3. Enough room for family

In case you are planning on raising a family in your new home or you already have a family, you need to plan accordingly as you most definitely need as much room as possible to expand into.

If you currently have the potential purchasing power, it is better to use it to buy space as opposed to unnecessary finishes on the property.


4. Easy transition

Try as much as possible not to choose a home that will transport you far away from your friends, family and the things you love. Your first home shouldn’t have to uproot your entire lifestyle.

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Research on the prospective location you want to live in. Ensure you find one that gives you easy access to the things you love as well as some fun spots and recreational facilities.

Live close to where you work as anything otherwise can become a painstaking process day to day.

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