More Development Coming To Eko Atlantic

The Audacity Skyline and Pan Atlantis Condos signed of construction agreement this week.

It has been a busy week at the shores of Victoria Island, as two laudable signatures were put to bed by Periwinkle Residences Limited and the Landwey Group at Eko Atlantic city.

This real estate move will see two new additional high-end developments within the city.

First off with Periwinkle Residences, the Lagos state real estate company acquired a 2,400 square meter to build a luxury lifestyle condo worth $20 million. To be completed within a period of thirty months.

Periwinkle Residence







“We want to make a statement with our Pan Atlantis Condos that smart cities in Dubai, Singapore can be replicated in Nigeria,” said the CEO, Chiedu Nweke at the signing ceremony. 

While this news is still brewing, Landwey.ng finally signed off on their proposed development within the city, The Audacity Skyline. The 28 floors mixed-use development sits on 3,500 square meters in Eko Atlantic. 

The CEO, Olawale Ayilara boasts of the impeccable architectural masterpiece with features such as Beachfront Residences, personalised concierge services etc. All executed with best-in-class construction procedures and standard 


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