Moving with Pets in Nigeria

Are you planning on moving out of your current space anytime soon? Do you have pets? Then you’ve probably been wondering how to make the moving process easy for your pets. You’re in luck as we’ve decided to give you tips on moving with pets in Nigeria. 


Container training

Train your dog to get used to the container they will be traveling in by encouraging them to sleep in it a few months before the move. Place their food and treats inside the crate as well to help them develop a positive association with the space. By the time you are ready to move, it will feel like a familiar environment for them and they are more likely to have a comfortable journey.

Note: When moving with pets in Nigeria, you should ensure that your pet is safely nestled in a crate for the entire trip. 

Your pet should always be in the back seat

The back seats of cars are more suitable for children and pets. When moving with pets, ensure that the crate containing the pet is kept in the back of the car. I know you would like to keep watch on your pet as you drive, but you should also be concerned for their safety. If you should be involved in an accident, the airbag could hurt or injure your pet in the front seat, even if it is in a crate.

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Travel with a buddy

Traveling with a friend or relative is a great idea. This relative or friend could alternate driving and catering spells with you so one of you is always with your pet. This way your pet does not feel alone during the trip.

Have plenty of rest stops

This applies if you’re moving far away from your previous place of residence. You may be able to go about 5 hours without needing to stretch your legs, ease yourself, but your pet may not. As a result, you should stop often on your trip.

Do not allow your pet to stick its head out the window

As a responsible pet owner, allowing your pet to stick their head out the window may look cute but your pet is at risk of swallowing different debris and particles. Also, cold from the rushing wind could affect your pet leading to sickness which would not make you or your pet happy.

Settling in

It’s important to help your pet adjust to its new surroundings. The best way to get them settled is to give them a structured routine in the new home. Sticking to regular feeding times, walks, and treats for good behavior will help them get settled in quickly.

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An anxious animal is more likely to try to escape. That’s why it’s important to make sure their new home is safe and secure, regardless of whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or fish.

As a pet owner, do you have any other tips for moving with pets in Nigeria? Share with us.


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