One Solution to the Problem of Homelessness in Nigeria

The level of homelessness in our country, Nigeria is alarming. Most Nigerians are either homeless or improperly housed. In Abuja alone, according to the Managing Director of Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), Alhaji Gimba ‎Ya’ukumo, over 68 million Nigerians are homeless.

This may mean that, in Nigerian, we have over 680million homeless or improperly housed persons. Issues concerning homelessness can be traced to so many things, and these vary from poverty to fraud, to insecurity and a host of others.



The number one cause of homelessness is poverty. Looking at the millennium development goals, which has now metamorphosed into sustainable development goals, the number one goal is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. The issue of housing may be secondary to some Nigerians who are finding it difficult to even have proper meals.


The second class of people who are homeless may be those who are squatting with family members and friends. One may not say that these people are homeless per say, they are actually improperly housed. For these set of people, they might get comfortable with the situation or consider the cost of renting an apartment too high without trying to find out.

In such cases, issues of disrespect and conflict can come up. Such people may start encroaching people’s privacy unknowingly, and in severe cases, there might be cases of theft. When such incidences occur, the concerned party should get accommodation by all means even if it is a just a self-contain apartment

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There are still some Nigerians who have become victims of homelessness due to fraud. People in this category find it very difficult to believe agents or landlord no matter who they are. They tend to get the picture of their previous experiences anytime the issue of accommodation is raised.


When it comes to the issue of class and high taste, it may also be quite difficult to get a choice apartment in choice places at affordable rates. So, many people just try to manage the environment they tend to find themselves, we may consider this set of people to be improperly housed as well.

Considering the issue of housing in Nigeria, most Nigerians cannot afford to rent or build a conducive apartment. Those who build see it as a business empire – it’s actually a business. But people should not be exploited. The problem gets compounded most times with issues of fraudulent agents who exploit tenants more than landlords do in the bid to make lots of gains.

In recent times, one solution to the problem of homelessness in Nigeria has been discovered online. A new online platform that now deals with the issue of housing has broken forth into the market. This company objectively deals with all the challenges of accommodation in Nigeria.

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The aim of this platform is to help Nigerians access properties to rent online and in different locations at different prices and of different sizes. Amazingly, the platform is available to all – old, young, middle-aged high class, low class or middle class. It one solution to a consistent problem in Nigeria. Everyone understands the ToLet’s language.

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