Real estate listing photos: Don’t

Listing photos are super important because a potential client may decide either to buy or not to buy a house. This is why “first impression matters” in the real estate business. Below are mistakes you should not make with your listing pictures.


Don’t scare potential clients

Remove any threatening signs on the property before taking photos. The goal is to create a feeling of warmth with your listing photos to attract them to buy your house and not to scare potential clients away.

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Don’t capture yourself in the picture

The main aim of the listing photo is to help potential buyers imagine themselves in your house which would be impossible if you appear in the picture. Stay out of your listing photos by avoiding angles where your camera’s flash may be reflected.


Don’t show off your pet

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Considering your pet is not up for sale, it ill-advised to show them in your listing photo.Focus on the parts of your home that will be there when a buyer moves in.

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Don’t display architectural mistakes.

Capturing architectural mistakes is ill-advised as the listing photo is the time to put your best foot forward by showing the best features of your house. Although, it is advised to make a few improvements before taking listing pictures.

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Don’t capture a dark room

When it comes to interior pictures, you need a lot of light to show off your best features. Use an artificial or natural light when capturing a room. Potential clients want to see your room which is not possible if the photo is dark.


Don’t capture clutter

Never capture a mess. As we said before, you want to place your home’s best foot forward. Neglecting to do so will certainly prevent potential buyers from seeing the features of the house which is hidden under clutter.

Don’t overly enhance a photo

Potential buyers want to know what a house truly looks like, so save your Photoshop skills for a photo contest. Don’t “overly enhance” your photos. Keep your real estate photos original. Potential buyers may feel cheated when they realize your listing photo does not look like your house in any way.


Don’t take a photo from too far back

Your listing photo needs to highlight the house itself and not really the environment. Landscape shots are good but should be saved for the “additional photos” section, not the main listing photo.

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