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Suraju’s Tale- Part One

Have you ever thought that you could bicker over anything with your hubby for more than a week? Well I did, and guess what I was wrong. All we talked about for 4 months was how I will love to live in Ikeja and He Ojodu. In fact every spoon at dinner was accompanied with house arguement. Deciding on what location we will love to reside was not our only problem. Far from it! we now supply street agents pocket money every month and my loving hubby, Suraju  blames all these on me. Sweerie, Open your eyes, I keep telling him, We are in Lagos, benefiting from other’s predicament is a norm.

It is funny how agents can help change your order, like getting eba on your plate after ordering Jollof Rice. My loving hubby, Suraju and I had met with an agent in the first month of our search. We got his contact from my  friend, I was so sure we would move out in 2 weeks time. One of the reasons I insulted our landlord’s wife before we met with the agent; Suraju felt I was easy on her. I love  Suraju but this house issue is taking a toil on us.

We told the agent we needed 3 bedroom flat in Ojodu or Ikeja, renovated,preferably a new house. I wanted 2 rooms, but Suraju wanted 3. That’s not the issue at hand, when I saw the house which the agent had referred to as pay and pack in, I was weak ( translate that in Yoruba). No renovation would revive this house, said Suraju, ”I spent 30 minutes with you on the phone! and this is what you could come up with”. Once again Suraju blamed me and the agent.

After this terrible incident, I went into my landlord’s apartment every day to wish them a wonderful day ahead. We also had to go on house search rest for a week. While we were at it, we had to regroup. It’s not exactly regrouping, because we both were not ready to make changes.

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Have I told you that we are expecting a baby in 7 months time? That’s why we needed a spacious apartment. Why don’t I go along with Suraju then? get a 3 bedroom flat. Suraju cannot hold a broom for 5 minutes, I know so much about his friends,in fact my landlord’s wife thinks am married to 3 men. Our house is their second home, Suraju is the only married one ( I didn’t jazz him o).  I am trying so hard not to bore you, but you have to know us, Mr and Mrs Ajangbadi. Good Agents need some of these details to get you your dream home. It took us 3 months to know this.

Back to the matter, to accommodate his friends, Suraju needs a 3rd room where they can play PS3 and other things (it’s not what you think).  Sometimes, they spend the night when Rafiu, Malik, and James feel their Mini flat is too small for them… are you wondering how I got pregnant?

The second month came in swiftly, I am still married to Suraju, pregnant and we still live in the same apartment. I need to stay home and rest, said Suraju.  Oh so we can end up living in Ojodu, no way! You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that I am stubborn, I paid the price for my talent soon enough. Two days later, we inspected a property on Saturday morning in Ojodu, lovely 3 bedroom flat (I am not being sarcastic). Spacious rooms,en-suite,colourful kitchen, we both agreed to take the house and so the agent promised to send the paper work in the evening or first thing in the morning.

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I and Suraju got home 3.30, took a nap, and when it was time for dinner, all I could think of was our new home. I had set the table, pounded yam and vegetable was the meal for the night, Suraju was about to start eating when I screamed stop!I have a better spot for us to take this meal. Where! he asked, our new home in Ojodu.

”This has nothing to do with you being pregnant, You are Mad!” He continued with his meal. I stood up, moved closer to Suraju and asked him if he was really hungry. How do we get the key?Suraju asked. Did you see the compound, it is very spacious and clean. He stared at me for a while, hoping I would have a rethink. 10 minutes later, we were on our way to Ojodu from Palmgroove without our food. It started raining, and it dawned on me; I went too far this time. It took us 45 minutes to find the house. As a result of the downpour, all the house in the area now look the same.

The house I was in love with was waterlogged!


We didn’t hesitate to use this agent again, it seemed like he knew what he was doing. The next apartment we inspected was in Ojodu, I know you would find it hard to accept our reason for not taking this apartment. The house was well structured, tiled, spacious with wardrobes in the rooms and a store in the kitchen. I fell in love with the house but not the area, I know you think we are local but you are wrong! Ajangbadi or Suraju is not enough reason to tag us local and there’s no way I am raising Mutairu in this environment.

Allow me to bore you a little, our would have been neighbours had unique tribal marks, they prefer to watch TV and eat in the compound ( I know,we can’t compete with this). All these was visible while we inspected the house, so it wasn’t just the environment but the occupant of the house. The agent promised to get us something better.
On our way home, Suraju kept bumping into pot holes to stop me from sleeping. I know he should treat me better, I am pregnant but that’s how we roll. Half asleep, I looked to my right and saw a white and purple car. I pointed Suraju in the car’s direction,we were in traffic now,and we both agreed to try them out. I tried reaching out to the driver but he didn’t see me, he  finally noticed us through his mirror, but instead of parking, he fled. I need you to picture a grumpy pregnant woman, she has not combed her weave for a week, and she’s 1 week or 2 weeks out, her husband has desperation written all over him and he channelled it into chasing this young driver. Most importantly they are desperatly in need of a new house to raise Mutairu. At that moment, this driver totally forgot that he worked for purple homes. On seeing the Ajangbadis, safety became a priority.
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