Colour Coding Your Kitchen

Your colour is your style and sets the tone throughout your home to convey whatever message speaks to your heart. So choosing the paint colour for your kitchen cabinets is about as personal as it gets and will make or break how you feel each time you step into your kitchen. The best way to narrow down a decision is to look at colours from various paint manufacturers and see what colours work best for you. You’ll know which one you like most by the smile it puts on your face when you gaze upon it. Once you decide on a dominant colour, you can narrow it down even more by choosing the complementary colours for trim and accents that are provided for you on a colour wheel. Narrow down your colour scheme and you’re halfway there to beautifully updated kitchen cabinets. Now you can decide on what style and tone you want those colours to represent and choose your finish accordingly.

Do the cool breezes of greens and blues make you feel relaxed and at home, or do they fade into the background barely noticed? Does red energize you and make you feel alive, or does it set you on edge unable to get comfortable? Maybe black cabinets with white walls and countertops are more your style. If you like the warmth and tradition of deep reds, browns and gold, then these are the dominant colours to start with. Just be sure to balance it out with lighter walls and accents so the room isn’t too dark or overwhelming. If you’re more into sunny yellows and oranges, then begin with these colours. White is always a good choice, as it is the most popular for kitchen cabinets, and blue accents add a fun and calming effect for a two-toned look.

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Neutrals, like white, beige and grey, work well for a clean, understated modern look—or you can create something funky and eclectic with stripes or an unusual colour trim. If you go with a bold colour, use it sparingly for the most dramatic effect. To do a two-toned look with one colour on the top cabinets and a different colour on the bottom cabinets, be sure to put the darker colour on bottom to anchor it. For the two-toned effect of two colours on the same cabinets, use the lighter colour as the accent, such as in the recesses and centre panels for an interesting effect.

 Picking utensils and equipments based on the colour combination you have previously chosen for your cabinets and walls is next, and this is the easy part. There are several coloured pots and pans in retail stores like Shoprite and Justrite and other outlets near you, all you have to do is walk in and get what you want. Equipments like Gas Cookers, Heat Extractors and Fridges also come in different colours and you can get the ones which suit you best.


Colour is as varied and unique as you are, so have fun picking the combination that is just right for you.

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Niyi Ademoroti


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