Things to do in Abuja in 2021

Talking about bubbling nightlife, and travel destinations for both foreigners and locales, the FCT is a popular go to for relaxation. Abuja is a high end and boasts of 4 stars hostels, classy and aesthetic pleasing restaurants where you could best spend your money if you are looking to catch some fun.

In the city, you are sure to enjoy a long drive at night to take the beauty in and hunt for some suya, if you swing that way. 

Checkout fun spot and attractions you can visit in Abuja in 2021

Jabi Boat Club

 A water based recreational facilities for families, tourists of all ages. The state of the art makes it well compelling.

Bature Brewery 

The first craft brewery in West Africa, you can always visit for brewery tour, hangout with friends over  a beer. PS: Drink Responsibly.

Jabi Lake and Mall

Located in Abuja landmark on the Lake side of Jabi with over 120 stores. Jabi Lake has a  beautiful view, green vegetation in a clean and friendly environment. Explore the directory for a complete list of stores, dining choices and more unique offerings.

Nike Art Gallery 

Brings memories of African culture, the beauty of art serenades the environment. 

The Wonderland Mountain

Hike in Abuja in the wonderland mountain. This tour will give you the opportunity of capturing the beauty of the capital city of Abuja, on top of the mountain overseeing the whole of the city .

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Other attractions include: An Noor Mosque, National Children’s Park and Zoo, Dunes, Thought Pyramid Centre etc.

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