Top 10 Restaurant in Abuja in 2024

Embark on a delicious journey through the heart of Nigeria’s capital city – Abuja! This vibrant metropolis boasts a diverse and exciting restaurant scene, catering to every palate and preference. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a curious explorer of global flavors, Abuja has something special waiting for you. This guide unveils 10 of the most highly-rated restaurants in Abuja, offering a delectable selection of cuisines, inviting ambiances, and unforgettable culinary experiences. So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover the hidden gems that await in the heart of Abuja.

Abuja is Nigeria’s Centre point and capital city. With millions of people residing here ranging from the city Centre to the suburbs, all striving to make ends meet, there can be very limited time for fun. It is, however, wise to make the best out of it and find the time for fun.

Whether you are visiting or residing in the city, there’s something for everybody if you’re willing to look. The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja is filled with so many alluring places to visit this 2021. Some of them are:



The Blucabana is a restaurant and cafe that is exquisite. The good and broad selection of the menu is what makes it a great choice for both lunch and dinner. Located in the Mabushi district of Abuja, away from the hustle and bustle of major city areas like Wuse 2 and Maitama.

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Customers who patronize the Blucabana enjoy the feeling of being at some kind of retreat. You can come here to enjoy a business or casual lunch, a dinner or a late night weekend.


Enjoy a Nigerian meal prepared with authentic and rich Nigerian herbs and spices with a plush and waxing aesthetics, when next in town. They offer range of dishes just for your taste buds. It’s located at 1Bathurst Street, Ceddi Plaza, Abuja

Visit Nkoyo


Cilantro ABUJA

With plans to change the perspective of Nigerians about Indian cuisines. Cilantro, Abuja has become one of the must visit restaurants. The environment totally welcoming with great ambience


This fine, and uniquely designed Indian Restaurant has been around for a minute, and yet they find their way to this list. Serving Abuja mouth watering Indian dishes, and dining experience.



Definitely no “WAHALA” Western Nigerians might know. Here is a South Indian Restaurant at the center of Abuja.  Masala Wahala dishes tell stories of history and culture, and food connoisseurs will surely enjoy an exciting connection with dining experience.

Jevinik Restaurant

The appeal comes with the local tasty dishes served at the spot, and be assured not to drown with expenses. Good for quick eating out, after hours, lunch etc.

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Also available in other states:

Johnny Rockets

You have got an indulgence to crave, visit Johnny rockets. This international QSR provides fun, food and a feel-good Americana environment. So if juicy hamburgers, classic sandwiches, and hand-dipped shakes are in your crave list.

Get on board:


 “Serendib” which meant “Precious Stone” has built up a sound reputation, with a skilled culinary team serving guest varieties from Chinese, Indian, Asian, Sri Lankan cuisines etc. The ambience of the restaurant and the aroma plus the décor will tune your dining experience to an unforgettable one.  

Bukka Restaurant

Bukka Restaurant by Transcorp Hilton is undoubtedly one of the best dining for African, and International, delicacy. It’s located at 1 Aguiyi Ironsi St. Maitama, Abuja.

Duo Restaurant

The home of mouth-watering intercontinental food and quite popular has a hangout spot, is the tenth best restaurant in Abuja. Check out their menus:

This guide has only scratched the surface of the incredible culinary scene in Abuja. With countless restaurants in Abuja waiting to be discovered, your taste buds are in for a delightful adventure.
So, delve deeper, explore hidden gems, and savor the diverse flavors that this vibrant city has to offer. Bon appétit!
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