Top 10 Best States In Nigeria (2024 UPDATE)

2024's Top 10 Nigerian States

Nigeria is home to a total of 36 states with diverse cultures. With a population over 200 million, We are regarded as the most populous black nation in the world. So, either out of curiosity or arguments sake, have you ever thoughts of the Best states in Nigeria

It is important to note that these states are different in so many ways, and could be regarded as best based on economy value, standard of living and varying level of industrialization. Hence, it is expected that some of them are among the richest states in Nigeria while some are not.


Here are 10 Best States in Nigeria 2020


Lagos state

Lagos, for so many reasons, is an obviousmention. The “Mega City” is located at the south west of Nigeria and is the most populous state in Nigeria. Ironically, it is also the smallest state in Nigeria. It is often regarded as the economic and commercial capital of Nigeria and West Africa at large.


The population of Lagos is over 20 million. What this means is, there are more people in Lagos than in any other part of the country. The reason is, however, not far-fetched when you consider the number of opportunities in the state. This makes it one of the best states in Nigeria.

Aside from the economic value Lagos poses, it is a hub for Fintechs’, Entertainment, Start Ups and numerous sidehustles. Also, it is regarded as the “best place to chop life”. Despite the fact that Lagos is divided into two – Lagos Island and Lagos mainland, the economic activities are spread across the state.

The Lagos Island half is often considered as the abode of the high earners of the society. While the Lagos mainland is for the middle and lower class. Though it is true to some extent, however, there are equally a good number of fun spots on the Lagos mainland.

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Cross River

Cross River

Cross River is next on our list of best states in Nigeria. Located in the south south region, Cross River is also one of the richest states in Nigeria. A place often commended for its natural beauty.

In some quarters, Calabar is considered the most beautiful city in Nigeria. this part of the country is home to some of the best hotels in Nigeria. The security level and quality nightlife make it one of the choice destinations in the country.

It is also important that the people of Calabar are famous for their rich variety of delicacies. The state is in the same vein one of the most expensive places to live in Nigeria. If you are looking for a quiet and secure environment, to enjoy the best of luxurious lifestyle, you definitely want to visit Calabar.

Considering the amount of unrest and things you see and read every day,  one might think nowhere is safe. However, the above is a list of the best states to live and home to some of the Safest Cities in Nigeria.




Abuja is one place in Nigeria that can match Lagos in terms of Wealthy populace, luxurious properties, and to an extent the hustle lifestyle but with so much sanity. 

Abuja, unlike other states in the country, is a planned area. It is divided into phases and districts. There is no question about the security of this part of the country as it is the capital of the country. You can read our articles on Wuse district and Jabi to get more insights about Abuja.


Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom

The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo. Regarded as a wonderful place to live in Nigeria, and also one of the most beautiful city to live in. There is also no doubt about Uyo’s prowess as a top tourist attraction.


Also, considered as one of the most expensive places to live, Uyo and Akwa, in general, have a good road network. Learn more on the things you didn’t know about Uyo.


oyo state

Oyo is the biggest state in the southwest region. In fact, the capital – Ibadan – is considered the largest city by mass. Though Ibadan, and Oyo state as a whole, is relatively cheap when compared to Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, it remains one of the best states in Nigeria.

The state geography, also makes it quite important, has it serves as a link road for people travelling to other parts of the country.

The slogan of Oyo state is the “Pacesetter state“. Some of the popular towns and cities in Oyo state include Eruwa, Igboora, Iseyin, Lalupon, Saki, Ogbomoso, Okeho among others. It is also host to the University of Ibadan, Lead City University, The Polytechnic Ibadan and other tertiary institutions.


Port Harcourt

Rivers is arguably the richest state in Nigeria, with an abundant claim to Oil production. With top tourist attractions, it is a states filled with adventure and luxury you definitely should be thinking of Port Harcourt for Holidays.

It is one those places in the country that can rival places like Lagos and Abuja in terms of beauty, wealth and structures. It is definitely one of the best states in Nigeria. You can read more on Port Harcourt by clicking on the link.

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The state is one of the Oil-producing region in Nigeria. Placing her as one of the richest states. The good road network and its beautiful landscapes make it one of the best states in Nigeria.

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Warri got the high attention and it comes as the most populous city in the states, even given more attention and developmental focus than Asaba.



Kaduna shares the same name with its capital.its diverse population of people across the country ensures it makes the cut of best states in Nigeria. Here, you are definitely going to feel at home even though you are far away from home.

The people of Kaduna are very accommodating. The state is also host to a number of breathtaking structures.



Imo state is our next stop. The capital city Owerri is considered one of the best places to live in Nigeria. 

Its host a number of tourist attractions like the Oguta Lake, Mbari Cultural and Art center, Ada palm plantation etc. This part of the country also has a commendable nightlife. It is home to some of luxurious real estate properties.

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enugu state

Finally, on the list is Enugu. The southeastern state is known as the coal city and to some locals, it is popularly known as 042.

Enugu is one of the fastest growing states in the eastern part of the country. Its beautiful landscape makes it one of the top tourist attraction sites in the east.

Enjoy quality nightlife and witness the best of festivals depending on the time of the year. The New Yam festival and Masquerade festival are well celebrated.

There you have it – the list of best states in Nigeria. With this, you can test your friends knowledge of the best states in Nigeria. Do you agree with our list? You don’t? Kindly share your opinion on the best states in Nigeria with fellow readers.


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